Game Ones Done

Non-turnover ruins Texas effort

SC 4 – DAL 3 OT The murkiness surrounding goaltender interference is maddening, up until last night interference on the goalie was not called if the offensive player was not in the blue ice, clearly, there was blue ice occupation for the Knights on their third tally.

It should not have counted, the Knights player deliberately skated toward the blue ice and slid into the goaltender without assistance from the two defending Stars, and remained prone on the blue ice until his teammate shot the puck and scored.

The rest of the game was very entertaining, all even strength goals, 30 SOG combined in the first period, outstanding play by both goaltenders, with golden opportunities missed, and as expected by these two evenly matched teams, a close game.

Perhaps I was the only one who cheered here along the Lake when Jackie Vegas did not score on a breakaway I did not intend to, it just popped out.

Game Two pressure to win is squarely on the Hurricanes at home to split their series with the Panthers tonight at eight o’clock and after literally playing over two games during the first game both teams look to end this one in regulation.

Author: Buffalo Winter


3 thoughts on “Game Ones Done”

  1. Thank you for the breakdown in words and pictures. t seems that bad or questionable officiating calls are not restricted to only the regular season.

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    1. YW, the officiating is either poor on purpose or they are actually the “keystone kops” in the regular season or playoffs, I believe the playoffs highlights their…their…inefficiencies, lol

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      1. Tim Peel, a former NHL referee, had his career rightfully end early 2021 as a result of being caught on a hot mic during a March game saying that he tripping penalty he laid on Viktor Arvidsson as “It wasn’t much, but I wanted to get a f*ckin penalty against Nashville” and now he is a troll on Twitter laughing and trying to be witty about the troubles of the Leafs and other teams. He may have been held to account but I feel there are others who also deserve to face consequences to some degree because their officiating is poor on purpose. Rant over, for now, I think, lol.


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