Impressive Victory

Happy Buffalo Fans in Montreal

This is exactly what the Sabres needed to end a winless stretch in what was the second-highest offensive output of the season for Buffalo, striking quickly and often along with a solid physical effort and pushback made for one entertaining game.

Mr Dahlin begins the festivities

Highly praised Tyson Jost arrives in Buffalo and during the first shift of his first game becomes involved in a tone-setting fight that Sabres commentator Mr Ray remarked was good to see and that it makes a huge impression on his teammates.

Newest Sabres player Mr Tyson Jost

Head Coach Granato highlighted that fear and hesitation were what was holding us back and the addition of Mr Jost with the return of Mr Girgensons and Mr Samuelsson was apparently the tonic required to dissipate that issue.

Mr Tuch scores his 10th of the season

Racking up 38 SOG and killing six penalties while scoring seven times, maintaining good sticks on the defense, dogging the puck, and sticking up for each other is the style of play we saw in the first ten games of the season.

Mr Cozens 67% on faceoffs

Tonight the Sabres host the St. Louis Blues in the first game of a three-game Thanksgiving Home Stand which includes the visiting Devils and their outstanding game and ends with the Lightning striking as Tampa Bay visits here along the Lake.

The Most Colorful Men in Hockey

When the Buffalo Sabres began in 1970 my family had one black and white television set in our home and I did not have any say on what we watched, so I had to listen to most all Hockey games on my transistor radio.

To this day I still listen to most NHL team’s radio broadcasts and for the most part color analyst are entertaining, here along the Lake we have one of Buffalo’s admired, respected, and well-liked former players in Mr. Rob Ray who since 2012 has done color commentary for Buffalo.

125 regular season games 796 PIM

An Ontario native from Stirling Mr. Ray was a monster when he came to play for the Rochester Americans earning well over 400 PIM while on average scoring a point every second or third game his first season.

Drafted seven spots after Buffalo selected Mr. Mogilny in the 1988 NHL Entry Draft Mr. Ray was called up from the Amerks in 1989 and scored his first NHL goal on the first shift of his first game for the Sabres.

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Authored a book titled “Rayzor’s Edge” on the life of a small-town Canadian boy dreaming and working towards playing in the NHL and finally reaching his goal with descriptions of his life before and during the NHL, interesting and insightful for Sabres and Hockey fans alike.

Mr. Ray was a player that caused the NHL to institute a new rule and altered the way NHL players wear their sweaters or suffer earning a game misconduct prompting fans to refer to this as the “Rob Ray Rule” professionally referred to as “Rule 56. Fisticuffs” from the NHL rule book.

Mr. Ray explained how players would cut pieces of their equipment so that it would rip away in a fight, spray silicone on their arms or sew Velcro into their equipment so nothing would fall off during the preamble to fisticuffs causing the other belligerent to get penalized.

“He said he wanted to see some ID smart guy”

His reputation prompted ESPN to call upon Mr. Ray to do a television commercial about Sportscenter’s security, he was the security officer that pummeled a deliveryman with no identification and pauses to say “Hey Coach” as Mr. Melrose walks by, very funny and can be viewed on Youtube.

HC Melrose, Mr. Ray, the victim

The first Buffalo Sabres to earn the 1999 King Clancy Memorial Trophy for the player who best exemplifies leadership qualities on and off the ice and had made a noteworthy humanitarian contribution to his community Mr. Ray was and still is most deserving.

Mr. Ray’s acceptance speech in 1999 had a joke about how at these NHL awards shows he usually just helps Dominik carry all his trophies and makes sure he gets home alright.

Humble Humanitarian

Contributions to Roswell Park Comprehensive Cancer Center, the Make A Wish program, and President of the Buffalo Sabres Alumni Association Mr. Ray’s compassion and generosity have touched so many lives positively and his humble remarks that the kid’s smiles and the thanks from the families are his trophies.

A well-rounded and talented individual Mr. Ray offers informative and at times hilarious insights while commentating on the games that have made listening to the Sabres almost as much fun as when we watched Mr. Ray play.

Fantasy Weekend Update

This Saturday morning’s ESPN FHL scoreboard reflects the 2-3-0, 5th place team in the East Division and League leader in (PPP) power play points Team Alex also leading the League this week in (PF) points for and has built a 26.7 points lead over weekly matchup opponent Team Borowicz.

First place in the West Division Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap in their inter-division matchup versus Team Beaulieu has earned a 16.2 points lead as well as a 0.2 of a point for the League’s overall (PF) points lead for this season.

First place in the East Division team Downton Flyers has kept pace with the League leader in (G) goals, (A) assists, and (SOG) shots on goal team Buffalo Winter as both teams have earned over 70 points while skating within two and a half points of each other.

Searching for their first weekly matchup victory coming from the West Division Team Beaty leading in only (PA) points against overall for the season has taken over 20 points near stranglehold lead over the 3-2-0 East Division team Buffalo Sabres a team looking to snap a two-week losing streak.

Second place team from the East Division the League leader in (SHP) shorthanded points and (BLK) blocks Team Fitzgerald has taken 16.1 points to lead over Team Iglesias in fourth place from the West Division and endeavours to win for the second consecutive week.  

FHL team managers are afforded the use of an (IR) injured reserve option of sitting out a hurt player without losing him off the roster while being able to select a player from the waiver wire to temporarily fill the lineup spot.

Unfortunately, there are some team managers for whatever reason neglected this and some teams have multiple injured players with an open (IR) injured reserve spot on their roster, life is more important than any fantasy team and can get in the way of our five months long FHL season.

Fantasy Hockey requires a commitment of some time and effort each day in order to create an opportunity to acquire one of the four playoff spots available at the end of this season and there are still plenty of games left on the schedule to become successful.


In the middle of a three-game Canadian road trip, Buffalo visits Toronto with their unlucky seven-game winless stretch and the Sabres elected to go with Mr Luukkonen to back up Mr Anderson while Mr Houser continues to sit on the nest in Rochester.

This is the first meeting since the Sabres beat the Leafs 5-2 in the Tim Horton’s NHL Heritage Classic at the outdoor Tim Horton’s Field in Toronto.


From Sunny and Seventies South West California to the Snow and Celsius of South West British Columbia Kings fans cheer on their team’s only goal of the game.

I appreciate the Canucks Reverse Retro sweater using the Lumberjack logo, in Buffalo the players can select what song is played when they score, if Vancouver does something similar I believe Monty Python has a tune about Lumberjacks.

The NHL has scheduled a smorgasbord of 30 out of 32 teams today beginning at one o’clock this afternoon so there is a game for almost every fan everywhere.

Fantasy Weekend Update

Fantasy Saturday finds the Buffalo Pro H2H Points League scoreboard highlighting team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap as the first manager to hit 100 points for the week and building a 16.5 points lead over their divisional foe the first-place team in the West Division Buffalo Winter.

First place in the highly competitive East Division Team Fitzgerald has fallen behind by an almost insurmountable 55.3 points to the fifth place Team ALEX a team although last in the division is in the top half of (PF) Points For, earners in the League.

The League’s inter-division weekly matchup finds the third-place team from the West Division 2-2-0 Team Borowicz chasing the fourth-place team from the East Division 2-2-0 Team Beaulieu a team riding a two-week win streak that has earned nearly a two dozen points lead.  

Second and third-place teams in the East Division are 3-1-0 and vigorously competing for first place in the division as second-place Downton Flyers has built a 36.3 points lead over third-place team Buffalo Sabres who could overcome this deficit with some lineup changes.

Contention continues in the West Division as the two furthermost teams in League standings across the board, fourth place Team Iglesias and fifth place Team Beaty, bring their mutual winless records to bear in their struggle for a weekly matchup victory.


Mr. Houser sitting on the nest in Rochester

Is it time for Mr. Comrie to take a break and let Mr. Houser have another successful go at it for Buffalo?

Mr. Asplund scored a “shorty”

The Sabres tagged sin city with four goals and one of them was a short-handed effort by Mr. Asplund, so offense appears not to be an issue.

Buffalo hosts Boston tonight at seven o’clock.

Mr. Herron and Mr. Myre


November 12th, 1975 the Atlanta Flames defeat the Kansas City Scouts 2-1 in an era where their two goaltenders regularly let in three or four goals per game, had earned that contest an incredible save percentage of .966% and .950% for Mr. Myre and Mr. Herron respectively.

The NHL has scheduled a baker’s dozen worth of games today beginning at one o’clock this afternoon EST.

ESPN FHL Daily Update Nov 8th

What a difference a day makes, a complete change of fortunes for the division leaders, teams Buffalo Winter and Team Fitzgerald both score single digits last night as did eight of the ten teams, but the two teams they are battling each earned over twenty points.

This week’s inter-division matchup between a third place in the West Division Team Borowicz and fourth place from the East Division Team Beaulieu competing and after last night’s three NHL games are separated by less than five points.

The East Division first, second and third place teams are at 3-1-0, and second place Downton Flyers versus a third-place team with the best (PA) points against statistic Buffalo Sabres are gridlocked with their division leader for the division lead and two playoff seeds.

The West Division Basement Donnybrook rages on as both the 0-4-0 fourth place Team Iglesias versus fifth place Team Beaty begin the week lukewarm earning a combined 6.9 points from last night’s games.


Buffalo begins their four-game Home Stand versus the Arizona Coyotes tonight with the opening faceoff at seven o’clock and both Mr. Dahlin and Mr. Lyubushkin will be in the lineup tonight, perhaps they can beat Mr. Gare’s team record set on November 8th, 1980 with two goals in 10 seconds.  

One NHL season for the St Louis Eagles


After the NHL denied St. Louis a franchise because of travel costs Ottawa decided on their own to transfer there and the first NHL game played in St. Louis was on November 8th, 1936, of course, the next season they were terminated.

Plenty of games and eligible players to earn team managers positive points today.

ESPN FHL Daily Update

This afternoon’s FHL standings reveal new division and overall league leaders and some interesting weekly matchups beginning with Team Fitzgerald controlling the East Division and League, leading in (G) goals, (SHP) short-handed points, (BLK) blocks, and earning over 500 total points matched up against divisional foe Team ALEX.

Leading the West Division and the League in (A) assists, (SOG) shots on goal, and (HIT) hits team Buffalo Winter confronts the former division leader and one of the League leaders in goaltender wins, team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap in their intra-divisional weekly matchup.

In the inter-divisional weekly matchup, Team Borowicz third in the West Division is battling fourth place in the East Division Team Beaulieu, both teams are 2-2-0, with Team Beaulieu the better statistics for skaters, and Team Borowicz earning more goaltender points with the largest deficit being (PA) points against.  

An interesting matchup this week is between two 3-1-0 teams from the highly competitive East Division were depending on this week’s results can result in a four-way gridlock for the two top division playoff seeds as teams Downton Flyers and Buffalo Sabres compete for second place in the division.

There will be one team manager getting their first victory of the season in this matchup between the West Division’s two winless teams in fourth-place Team Iglesias versus fifth-place Team Beaty.


Goaltender Devon Levi with the #16 Northeastern University Huskies Men’s Ice Hockey team acquired in the Mr. Reinhardt trade with Florida recorded his second shutout in his sixth win of the season entering into a home-and-home series versus Boston College this weekend November 11th and 12th.


On November 7th, 1896 the second ice rink, St. Nicholas Rink/Arena, in NYC opened.

                        In 1936 the New York American’s game was the first broadcast coast-to-coast on Canadian radio.

                        1975 The “Trade” Boston sending Mr. Esposito to the Rangers for Mr. Park.

The NHL has three games scheduled to begin the week.

ESPN FHL Daily Update Nov 6th

This afternoon’s FHL scoreboard presents two teams scoring over 130 points for the week, both division second-place teams, statistically combined virtually lead in most scoring categories, teams Buffalo Winter and Team Fitzgerald are skating quickly towards first place in their respective divisions.

With three NHL contests scheduled today, two beginning early this evening at five o’clock and one at nine o’clock that affect the closest matchup this week, coming from the East Division between first-place Buffalo Sabres versus fourth-place Team Beaulieu who leads by .04 of a point.

The next closest matchup that can change a division standing radically by today’s three NHL games is an inter-divisional battle that could contribute to a three-way tie for first place in the East Division with Team ALEX leading Downton Flyers by four points.

West Division teams representing third and fourth place, Team Borowicz building a 28 points lead over Team Iglesias as both team managers have six players in the lineup today, Team Iglesias leaving four players on the bench to one player on the bench for Team Borowicz.   

Realistically no matter how good a team manager has drafted or built a fantasy team over time with the waiver wire and or trades, ultimately the point production is generated by the professional Hockey players themselves and they are the only ones who control that aspect of our League.


Mr Dahlin is (DTD) day-to-day and HC Granato spoke about the Sabres loss to Tampa Bay as a great effort but it was the lack of experience that led to their downfall after taking the lead early in the third period resulting from an exceptional effort from Mr Skinner.

Mr Skinner’s captivating score


More than three teams tied for 10th through 12th place

The Toronto Maple Leafs slew the big bad bruins even after Mr Marchand scored on a Penalty Shot to tie the game at one as Mr Nylander connected with Awesome Matthews to take the lead with the game-winning goal less than six minutes into the second period.

Awesome Matthews scored twice!

The Stanley Cup Champion Colorado Avalanche beat the snot out of a poor playing Columbus team in both Global Series Finland Edition regular NHL season games Friday and Saturday afternoons.  

The NHL has scheduled three games for our entertainment today.

ESPN FHL Daily Update Nov 5th

This morning’s FHL scoreboard highlights from the West Division team Buffalo Winter the first to reach over 100 points for the week and scoring a monumental 58.8 points lead over the intradivisional opponent and the furthermost team in the League Team Beaty.

Struggling to retain first place in the West Division team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap has fallen nearly 50 points behind the League’s leader in (G) goals the East Division’s Team Fitzgerald a team attempting to take their division lead during this inter-division weekly matchup.

In danger of losing their grip on first place, the East Division’s undefeated team Buffalo Sabres earning 3.8 points last night is still 9.2 points behind Team Beaulieu in their highly competitive division that is building a three-team gridlock competing for two playoff seeds.

Also battling in the East Division teams Downton Flyers and Team ALEX are within 2.7 points of each other as these two divisional opponents need to win in order to keep pace with their division’s top two teams to have any hope of a playoff seed.

In the West Division, Team Iglesias skates closer to their first weekly matchup victory as they earned 13.6 more points than their intradivisional combatant Team Borowicz last night to tie the weekly score in their matchup with two days and 17 NHL games remaining to earn positive points.

Marvelous Magnificent Moms and guests


The Buffalo Sabres players had their Moms and guests in attendance for last night’s game and for the game tonight versus Tampa Bay, a beautiful way to spend time with the one person in their lives who probably more than anyone has sacrificed so much for them to succeed.


The NHL has 14 games scheduled today and three for tomorrow so FHL team managers have this one day to come from behind or strengthen their lead.

ESPN FHL Daily Update Nov 4th

This afternoon’s FHL scoreboard reflects Team Fitzgerald leading in (G) goals, (SHP) short-handed points, (BLK) blocks, and (PF) most points for challenging for first place in the East Division by leading the overall League leader team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap from the West Division by 49.6 points.

Skating towards first place in the West Division Buffalo Winter leading in (A) assists, (SOG) shots on goal, and (HIT) hits continues to dominate division rival and the league’s furthermost team in Team Beaty by 44.6 points as both teams earned nearly identical scores last night.

Team Downton Flyers earned 3.8 points more than Team ALEX who left 12.4 points on the bench (not including the goaltender) last night to take the lead by 1.5 points in their intradivisional weekly matchup in the highly contested East Division.

In danger of losing their grip on first place in the East Division, team Buffalo Sabres has fallen behind by a baker’s dozen worth of points to division foe Team Beaulieu as both team goalies cost them negative points last night.

The West Division’s Team Borowicz earned an impressive 36.3 points last night to pull ahead of inter-division combatant Team Iglesias who is battling for their first weekly matchup victory.


Back-to-Back road games versus two top Conference foes, Carolina and then Tampa Bay this Friday and Saturday Night with each game starting at seven o’clock.

Iya Lyubushkin 6′ 2″ 200lb defenseman

Injury update Mr. Lyubushkin is traveling with the team on the road trip and HC Granato is encouraged but it is a game-day decision.

Mr. Lyubushkin reading the starting lineup card


Another NHL double-header today as the 2022 NHL Global Series continues with the first of two regular season games in Tampere, Finland at Nokia Arena with puck drop at two o’clock EST.

ESPN FHL Daily Update Nov 3rd

This afternoon’s FHL scoreboard reflects the second-place team from the West Division and League leader in (A) assists, (SOG) shots on goal, and (HIT) hits, team Buffalo Winter has taken a near insurmountable 42.6 points lead over the furthermost team in the division and League, Team Beaty.

In a lopsided interdivisional matchup and seeking to take over first place in the East Division, and the League leader in (G) goals Team Fitzgerald has built a 32.7 points lead over the overall League leader from the West Division, team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap.

In the highly competitive East Division Team ALEX from the division basement has gone ahead of third place in the division, the League leader in (PPP) power play points, goaltender W wins and (SV) saves, team Downton Flyers by 2.3 points.

First place in the East Division, undefeated and earning the lowest (PA) points against, team Buffalo Sabres have uncharacteristically fallen behind at the halfway point of their weekly matchup to division opponent Team Beaulieu who has taken advantage of the division leader’s frozen roster.  

The West Division’s struggle between fourth-place Team Iglesias and third-place Team Borowicz continues to skate on soft ice as they produce this week’s combined lowest points output with no help forthcoming as both team managers have eligible players on the bench for tonight’s games.

Watching the action after the end of the game


The Buffalo Sabres players were under the watchful eyes of their Mothers, as it seemed most of them were in attendance last night cheering on their young men and all donned the Blue & Gold home sweater.   

Maternal Observation

The Sabres continue to impress and dazzle after the first 10 games of the regular season as they lead the league in goal differential during the third period, bolstered by youth, speed, unrelenting style of play, and goals, (second most in the League), lots of goals.

Mr Thompson about to pass to Mr Tuch


The NHL has 26 teams in action tonight affording most team managers an opportunity to take advantage of the waiver wire, utilizing their watch list, ensure all eligible players are off the bench and into the lineup to build on their lead or endeavor to come from behind.