Golden Victory

Knights go forth

SC 6 – DAL 0 The Golden Knights dominated the Stars early and with approximately seven minutes remaining in the first period the game already seemed over, even the broadcast personalities were lacking adjectives to describe what they were witnessing.

In a total team effort with four lines rolling, the players who usually are not on the score sheet contributed, and every defenseman had at least one block accompanied by eight forwards registering a block supported by Mr. Hill earning another shutout in a smothering display of effectiveness.

The 2023 Stanley Cup Finals begin June 3rd this Saturday evening at 8pm EST as the Golden Knights host the Panthers in Nevada’s brightest oasis.

Dallas Defeats Odds

Knights Neck collar begins to tighten

DAL 4 – SC 2 This game had one penalty called and it was 50 seconds into the first period after that, not a single infraction was committed by either team, and with the win Texas is now hosting game six.

One team grows confident and one team begins to choke as the series between the Stars and Knights continues this Memorial Day Monday evening at eight o’clock EST.

Dallas Wins

Stars Swerve Series Sweep

DAL 3 – SC2 OT In an incredible effort from both teams the first two periods played produced a combined 53 SOG, four goals (1PP), and two penalties then the third period was blank statistically, with not one penalty or score with the Knights outshooting the Stars 14-8 that created this series third overtime game.

High-sticking penalties are solely the player’s responsibility to be in control of his stick, unintentional or not the call has to be made, unfortunately for the penalized Knights the Stars took advantage and scored the game-winner just a few minutes into the overtime period.

The NHL has the Knights and Stars playing every other day beginning tonight at eight o’clock EST in the gambling and alcohol-soaked vice capital of America whose city limits are surrounded by State legal prostitution, remember to wager and drink responsibly and bring protection.

Perfect Panthers

Hurricanes swept out of Florida

FLA 4 – CAR 3 No need for overtime, but it was close, both teams could contend that the other team had scored because of a “non-call”, and Florida sweeps an opponent for the first time in their playoff history.

Scoring in the first minute of play and again halfway through the period Florida appeared to be on their way but Carolina gets one back seven minutes later and both teams finish the period with 9 SOG a piece and a 2-1 score heading into the second period.

Carolina tied the game on a goal that came directly from an offensive player slashing and breaking the stick of the defending player, retrieving and shooting the puck that resulted in the Hurricanes scoring. (non-call)

Florida’s winning goal was reviewed by the NHL and determined there was no goaltender interference, the offensive player did have his stick in between the goalies’ pads but the defending player fell onto and advanced the stick and the goal came after the stick was pulled back. (correct non-call)

Although the Florida-Carolina series was a sweep it was entertaining and interesting with each game not determined until fully played and another broom event could happen in Texas as the Dallas Stars host game four tonight versus the Golden Knights at eight o’clock EST.

Texas Toast

Adin Hill was a Mountain

SC 4 – DAL 0 if you cannot score you cannot win and it was not from lack of effort as Dallas took nearly 20 more SOG than the Knights who managed 4SOG in the second period and 2SOG in the third period but Mr. Oettinger was not at his best and was pulled before the eight-minute mark of the first period.

To make matters worse Mr. Benn earned a cross-checking penalty with a game misconduct in the first two minutes of the game, the good news for Dallas is that they were 60% in faceoffs, took over 30SOG, killed five out of six penalties, and Mr. Wedgewood looked solid in relief.

Florida fans have their brooms ready and Carolina has some tough skating to do if they want to have an opportunity to return to Raleigh for a game five as the Panthers host the Hurricanes tonight at 8pm EST.

Stifled in the Sunshine State

Bobrovsky Blockade

FLA 1 – CAR 0 In what is considered a “defensive clinic” Florida outlasts Carolina as the Hurricanes took over 30 SOG and 15 of them came from one forward and two defensemen as well as taking three slashing penalties in the second period allowing Mr. Reinhart to score the game’s lone goal.

The Hurricanes switched goaltenders again, took more than enough SOG, had breakaways and odd-man rushes, and pulled the goalie with over three minutes remaining in the game, but deflections, shots wide, and Mr. Bobrovsky caused Carolina to come up empty offensively.

The Stars host their first home game of the Western Conference Finals versus the Knights tonight at eight o’clock EST.

Luck Was a Lady

Knights fortunate win

SC 3 – DAL 2 OT  Historically this is the first time the first two games from each series of the Conference Finals / Stanley Cup Semi-Finals have resulted in overtime.

This game was all Dallas until the final five minutes of play through the end of regulation and into overtime, the Knights had only 10 SOG combined for the first and second periods and only three more SOG halfway through the third.

The Stars built a 2-1 lead with the Knights’ lone goal earned on a (5 on 3) power play and with less than three minutes remaining in the game Jackie Vegas throws a blind pass from the end boards that found Mr. Marchessault who scored his sixth of the postseason.

After the tying goal, the announcer proclaimed Mr. Eichel as the Master Playmaker and then reflected out loud that it was his first point of the series, the Knights now have to count on him and Mr. Hill to repeat their efforts in Dallas.

The Florida Panthers host the Carolina Hurricanes after building a 2-0 games series lead in Raleigh at 8pm tonight EST.

Tar Pitch to Oranges

Cats Control Canes

FLA 2 – CAR 1 OT Not since 1977 has the first two games of the NHL semifinals series begun with overtime and nearly 30 seasons since a player scored two overtime goals in the Conference Finals additionally Florida is now 6-0 in overtime with five of the victories on the road.

In the first period, Carolina did all it could, a new goalie, scored first, took 20 SOG, and had Florida’s first goal called back on an offsides review although they had one called back for the same reason the Hurricanes took the 1-0 lead into the second period.

Both teams combined for 31 SOG in the first period, 16 SOG in the second period, and 11 SOG in the third with each goaltender playing well over a .900 save percentage.

As both teams were committed to hitting and blocking with some glorious scoring chances for both sides it was a hooking call in the final frame that produced the overtime winning goal by Mr. Tkachuk.

The Western Conference Finals game two is an afternoon game in the desert between the Stars and Knights beginning at 3pm EST.

Game Ones Done

Non-turnover ruins Texas effort

SC 4 – DAL 3 OT The murkiness surrounding goaltender interference is maddening, up until last night interference on the goalie was not called if the offensive player was not in the blue ice, clearly, there was blue ice occupation for the Knights on their third tally.

It should not have counted, the Knights player deliberately skated toward the blue ice and slid into the goaltender without assistance from the two defending Stars, and remained prone on the blue ice until his teammate shot the puck and scored.

The rest of the game was very entertaining, all even strength goals, 30 SOG combined in the first period, outstanding play by both goaltenders, with golden opportunities missed, and as expected by these two evenly matched teams, a close game.

Perhaps I was the only one who cheered here along the Lake when Jackie Vegas did not score on a breakaway I did not intend to, it just popped out.

Game Two pressure to win is squarely on the Hurricanes at home to split their series with the Panthers tonight at eight o’clock and after literally playing over two games during the first game both teams look to end this one in regulation.

Seven Periods

GM 1 F/4OT

FLA 3 – CAR 2 OT Both teams were undefeated when scoring first, and both teams were undefeated in overtime, last night one team scored all their goals on the power play, and the other could not score on the power play, throw in some sketchy officiating and viola one the most entertaining games to date.

The Florida Panthers and Mr. Bobrovsky continue their torrid pace through the playoffs by winning against all odds placed against them in Raleigh with a well-earned game-one road victory that took seven periods to decide.

The Panthers had earned penalties in the game but not the one that gave the Hurricanes a 5-on-3 advantage for 1:22 which Carolina failed to capitalize on but with seconds remaining in the period and still on the power play the Hurricanes did score the game’s first goal.

Florida silenced the crowd by scoring twice in two minutes and 15 seconds late in the second period but Carolina poured it on early in the third period scoring again on the power play and outshooting the Panthers 14 to 2 for the period.

Less than three minutes into the first overtime Florida’s winning goal is negated by a determination of interference, the Carolina player causing the Florida player to clash skates with the goaltender is overlooked and the game continues, and continues, and continues.

Florida is tagged for a hooking penalty in the fourth overtime but Carolina does not score and with seconds remaining in the period the Panthers score the winning tally to capture game one.

Game 1 between the Stars and Knights begins at 8:30pm EST tonight in sin city, you will not be able to escape the constant barrage of gambling adverts, but at least they put some “gamblers anonymous” information as well, so all is good.