ESPN FHL Daily Update Nov 2nd

This morning’s FHL scoreboard highlights the interdivisional battle between the FHL leading team from the West Division, team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap versus the FHL leader in (G) goals and (BLK) blocks the second place team from the East Division, Team Fitzgerald that built a 22.3 points lead.

First place in the highly competitive East Division team Buffalo Sabres has fallen behind their divisional foe Team Beaulieu by 13 points in a goaltending duel last night as one team earned 10.8 positive points from the goaltender and the other team’s goalie earned a negative six points.

Second place in the West Division team Buffalo Winter leading the FHL in (SOG) shots on goal and (HIT) hits has built a solid 26.4 points lead over the division’s furthermost combatant Team Beaty in an effort to earn first place in their division.

East Division team Downton Flyers after blanking on Halloween earns their current score in one offensive onslaught of over 40 points last night to counter Team ALEX’s excellent output of 30 points to take less than five points to lead in their intradivisional matchup.  

After earning a negative 4.7 points the first night of the week Team Borowicz scored just over 20 points last night to get within 10.4 points of divisional opponent Team Iglesias a team endeavoring to earn their first weekly matchup win.


The Buffalo Sabres are wearing their Reverse Retro sweater for the first time in tonight’s last game of this four-game home stand, the Sabres have put out an eight-game schedule that features the White Bison Head logo with a traditional blue, gold, and white color scheme.


Last night I listened as a media Hockey “professional” expressed her bewilderment towards the NHL for having 32 Reverse Retro sweaters while vaguely stating an inquiry about how Seattle can have one, perhaps a quick scan of early Stanley Cup champions will provide an epiphany.

Some very nice looking sweaters

The NHL has scheduled a doubleheader tonight the first contest at seven o’clock followed by a seven-thirty faceoff with not a lot of options for team managers to earn positive points, a perfect time to utilize the waiver wire and their watch list.  

ESPN FHL Daily Update Nov 1st

This morning’s FHL scoreboard shows two teams beginning the week with negative scores, one team with no points, as a second place from the West Division, team Buffalo Winter with just three NHL games last night earns over 20 points to take an early lead over Team Beaty.

Third, in the West Division Team Borowicz has fallen behind quickly as one of their goaltenders was shellacked last night and West Division rival Team Iglesias has scored the second-highest points total last night to lead in their weekly matchup.

Second in the East and skating towards first place in the division while leading the League in (G) goals, Team Fitzgerald has built over an 11 points lead over the West Division leader the undefeated Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap in this week’s interdivisional battle.

First place in the East Division, the undefeated and with the lowest (PA) points against, team Buffalo Sabres had earned less than one point last night but remains within less than five points of division foe Team Beaulieu in a possible division alignment altering weekly matchup.

Third, in the highly competitive East Division with the most goaltender wins, Downton Flyers are going up against their furthermost divisional opponent Team ALEX a team that has taken over an eight points lead over one of the division’s top teams in Downton Flyers.

Mr. Thompson’s Halloween Hat Trick


During the post-game interviews Mr. Thompson was asked “what was more exciting, the hat trick or having a six-point night?” his response after a pause and an “I don’t know” was a thoughtful  “obviously getting the win”.

Mr. Quinn scores his first NHL goal
Mr. Skinner becomes etched in NHL history

Mr. Skinner scored the 300th goal of his career last night as well as Mr. Quinn scoring his first NHL goal, and Mr. Dahlin scored earned an assist to take over the scoring lead for defensemen in the NHL.

Mr. Dahlin becomes NHL points leader for defensemen


The NHL has 24 teams in action tonight beginning at seven o’clock and the last opening faceoff at ten thirty EST affording League managers an opportunity to insert a full lineup where the only problem is who to sit.

ESPN FHL Halloween Update

This afternoon’s FHL scoreboard reflects the beginning of week four with an intradivisional matchup pitting the East Division leader, the undefeated team Buffalo Sabres versus a division foe in the League leader in (A) assists, Team Beaulieu.

The League leader from the West Division team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap in this week’s interdivisional matchup with antagonist the East Division team that is the League leader in (G) goals, Team Fitzgerald.

Second place in the West Division team Buffalo Winter takes on the division’s furthermost team in Team Beaty in a matchup where Buffalo Winter needs to keep pace with the top four teams and Team Beaty is in search of their first weekly matchup victory.

The third through fifth teams from both divisions make up the other two weekly contests as the East Division Downton Flyers battles Team ALEX and the West Division Team Borowicz skates in opposition to Team Iglesias.


Happy Hockey Halloween

The Buffalo Sabres continue their home stand with ghouls and goblins cheering them on tonight here along the Lake as the Detroit Red Wings skate into town for All Hallows’ Eve.  


It is Halloween after all

The NHL has scheduled three contests for Halloween, all should end by Midnight.

ESPN FHL Daily Update Oct 29th

This morning’s FHL scoreboard slaughter spectacle in the West Division featuring the League leader team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap scoring 22.1 points last night to take a 67.8 points lead over the West Division’s furthermost combatant, Team Beaty in their intradivisional weekly matchup.

With 17 NHL games over the next two days at the end of this week’s matchups the East Division leadership could change entirely as the undefeated, division leader, team Downton Flyers goaltenders have taken some serious negative points and have fallen behind by 27 points to Team Fitzgerald.

This week’s inter-division weekly matchup highlights the East Division’s undefeated, second-place team, Buffalo Sabres scoring an average of 10 or more points each night to earn an ice solid 30 points lead over the West Division Team Iglesias.

An intense battle for second place in the West Division between 2nd and 3rd place teams, Buffalo Winter and Team Borowicz separated by 10.6 points with both teams sharing a similar win-loss record and both team managers looking for their second weekly matchup victory.  

The League leader in (G) goals, and (PPP) power play points, Team Beaulieu is matched this week against Team ALEX and they are separated by 7.1 points in the highly competitive East Division that could have a serious impact on their division and League playoff seeding.


The injuries reported are Mr Samuelsson (lower body, out until 30 Nov) and Mr Jokiharju (face, return last home game possible) with the Sabres hosting the Blackhawks tonight at seven o’clock, both teams have identical records with Buffalo the stronger goal differential.


The trading yesterday that sent defenseman Ethan Bear and AHL journeyman Lane Pederson to Vancouver from Carolina can improve the Canucks blueline immediately with a player who can contribute on average a solid 17 minutes of time on the ice.

The NHL has 12 games scheduled today with three games beginning this afternoon at two and four o’clock with one at four thirty before the night games get underway.

ESPN FHL Daily Update Oct 28th

This afternoon’s FHL scoreboard reflects East Division Team Fitzgerald within five points of 100 points earned for the week and at least 14 points from the nearest League team while building a 21.9 points lead over the East Division leader Downton Flyers in their weekly matchup.

First place in the West Division Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap versus Team Beaty two teams at completely different ends of the West Division as Team Beaty has fallen behind by an insurmountable 46.5 points with two days left in the week.

In the West Division, the battle for second place rages on as Buffalo Winter the League leader in (H) hits and (SOG) shots on goal is now 6.6 points ahead of division rival Team Borowicz a team with one of the League’s lowest (PA) points against the total.  

In the East Division Team Beaulieu after scoring nearly 27 points last night has a solid 14.1 points lead in an attempt to earn their first weekly matchup victory courtesy of division competitor Team ALEX.

Representing the West Division in this week’s interdivisional matchup Team Iglesias has fallen way behind the blueline as the undefeated and second-place in the East Division team Buffalo Sabres are ahead by over 20 points.


Head Coach Granato conveys to the press that this team will learn from the two losses and that this is a good team and will continue to be successful.

The last game of this home stand will be the first game we will see the Sabres sporting their Reverse Retro sweaters on November 2nd versus the Pittsburgh Penguins.


After earning his 600th Head Coaching victory and the Canucks defeated the Kraken for their first win of the regular season they attempt to make it two in a row tonight against a very good Penguins team.

The NHL has half a dozen games on tap for our entertainment beginning at six o’clock early this evening.

ESPN FHL Daily Update Oct 27th

This morning’s FHL scoreboard top earner is Team Beaulieu currently in a basement battle versus East Division competitor Team ALEX where both these teams have the highest combined score for the week but their scores could be closer if team managers put eligible players into the lineup.

First place in the West Division and second overall in the League team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap leads the League in (SOG) shots on goal and has built a 10.6 points lead over intradivisional foe Team Beaty in their weekly matchup.

In this week’s inter-division matchup between the undefeated, and second place in the East Division, team Buffalo Sabres has taken a 6.9 points weekly matchup lead after scoring nearly 17 points last night opposing the West Division’s representative Team Iglesias.

The League-leading Downton Flyers after scoring a couple of points last night have fallen behind East Division rival Team Fitzgerald by 1.1 points in a weekly matchup that could determine the League and East Division leadership and playoff seeding.

Currently, the two teams in the West Division contending for second place in the division and the League’s final playoff seeding, teams Buffalo Winter and Team Borowicz have kept everyone on the edge of the rink with a mere .7 of a point separating these two combatants mid-week.


The Buffalo Sabres begin a four-game home stand tonight versus the Montreal Canadiens, who begin their four-game road trip here along the Lake and after an outstanding road trip, the Sabres have an opportunity to solidify their standing in the Atlantic Division.


In an era of Hockey where the geographical arena is not the main source of revenue for the owner and team, it is going to be refreshing to watch NHL Hockey being played at an upgraded college/university arena called “Mullett Arena” similar to the best haircut known to man.

Unfortunately, the NCAA Head Coach of this school allegedly is not “sharing” everything he could so some of the initial accommodations for the NHL players and staff could be…subpar. But if there is one professional sport where the players will not whine and complain it is Hockey because of the adversity the players have already gone through to get to the NHL.

The NHL has scheduled 20 teams for competition tonight affording opportunities for most team managers to adjust their lineup even utilizing the waiver wire to enable a strong positive points-earning team.

ESPN FHL Daily Update Oct 26th

This afternoon’s FHL scoreboard highlights Team Beaulieu leading the way from the East Division striving towards their first weekly matchup victory scoring over 27 points last night to pull ahead of division rival Team ALEX by an ice thin 1.8 points lead.

The East Division is heating up as the undefeated, first-place team in the League overall, Downton Flyers is skating on thin ice with just 1.5 points in front division foe that is the League leader in (G) goals, (BLK) blocks, and (PF) points for, Team Fitzgerald.  

Also undefeated in the East Division team Buffalo Sabres is in the League’s weekly inter-division matchup against the League’s leader in (A) assists and (PPP) power play points from the West Division Team Iglesias.

Leading in the West Division team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap has built over 12 points lead over division competitor Team Beaty who regrettably did insert Ironman, Mr. Kessel, into their lineup and missed out on a couple of positive points.  

If other matchups have ice thin leads the weekly matchup between West Division’s Buffalo Winter and Team Borowicz has a brittle ice .09 of a point icicle that separates the two division adversaries competing for a playoff seeding.  


Mr. Dahlin earned the secondary assist on Mr. Cozen’s goal extending his season-opening scoring streak to six games with Mr. Hinostroza notching the primary assist for his fifth assist in four games played last night versus the Kraken.


The NHL has three games tonight beginning at seven-thirty, eight, and ten o’clock.

ESPN FHL Daily Update Oct 25th

This afternoon’s FHL scoreboard reflects day one of week three weekly matchup totals from last night highlighting team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap the first-place team in the League leading in double digits over West Division rival Team Beaty.

In the East Division Team ALEX, the only other team to earn over 20 points also enjoys a double-digit lead on Team Beaulieu the one East Division team still pursuing their first matchup victory but earned 55 (A) assists and is one away from leading the League in (A) assists.

In this week’s inter-division matchup the West Division’s Team Iglesias the League leader in (A) assists and (PPP) power-play points has built a 10 points lead over the undefeated and second-place team in the East Division the Buffalo Sabres.

The battle in the West Division between the second and third-place teams for playoff seeding supremacy is separated by less than four points as team Buffalo Winter the League’s leader in (SOG) shots on goal leads Team Borowicz to begin the week.

First place in the League and East Division team Downton Flyers is matched up against the division’s third-place team and League leader in (G) goals, Team Fitzgerald and after one night of competition these two teams are a slim 1.5 points apart.


Tonight the Buffalo Sabres are attempting to earn a franchise regular-season win number 1,838 and their first victory versus Seattle to finish this four-game West Coast road trip 4-0 and to come back home Thursday for a four-game home stand that runs through to the 2nd of November.

Ironman Mr Kessel


The Mr Kessel Ironman saga continues as he is ready to become the NHL Ironman of all time with game 990 tonight and possibly score his 400th career goal, after scoring his 400th last night that was called “no goal” because of a smartly called offside coach’s challenge.

Today the NHL has 20 teams in action all night long affording FHL team managers the opportunity to have a full lineup and earn maximum positive points.   

ESPN FHL Daily Update Oct 24th

This morning’s FHL standings highlight team Downton Flyers sitting atop the League with the scoreboard reflecting a weekly matchup versus their East Division rival Team Fitzgerald a team currently the (PF) points for, leader and third in the East.

Second overall in the League and First in the West Division team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap is undefeated and matched up against division foe Team Beaty a team with solid (PPP) power-play points, and (SHP) short-handed points, pursuing their first win.

Second in the East Division, third place in the League, team Buffalo Sabres with the least amount of (PA) points against, has this week’s intra-divisional matchup with Team Iglesias a team sitting fourth in the West, seventh in the League but leads in (PPP) and second in (A) assists.

Keeping the pace and possibly taking over the division lead in the West, teams Buffalo Winter 1-1 leading in (SOG) shots on goal, (HIT) hits, is matched against division competitor Team Borowicz 1-1, fifth and sixth in the League respectively as each team strives for their second win.

The East Division antagonists Team ALEX with a near split-even goal differential encounters Team Beaulieu the League leader in (A) are both looking to get back into the win column.


With the defense enduring injuries another Rochester American has been called up to the Sabres, Kale Clague former Canadiens, Kings last season signed with Buffalo having earned three assists in five AHL games, this six-footer can average a solid 15-16 minutes per NHL game.  

Defenseman Kale Clague


Stanley Cup Champion, peer respected, Phil Kessel recently acquired by the Knights will be playing against one of his former teams in a game that will equal the NHL Ironman record currently held by Keith Yandle at 989 games tonight in Vegas as his team hosts Toronto.

The NHL has scheduled six-game today with games starting from seven to ten-thirty this evening, besides the Mr. Kessel game the Vancouver Canucks attempt to earn their first regular season win for themselves and their Head Coach, and the Blues take their perfect record to Winnipeg.

ESPN FHL Daily Update Oct 23rd

This morning’s FHL scoreboard highlights four teams with over 100 points earned and Team Fitzgerald earning nearly 150 points has earned an almost 60 points lead over East Division rival Team Beaulieu in their weekly matchup with both teams searching for their first win.

First place in the East Division team Downton Flyers scored 37.8 points last night and continue to dominate Team Beaty in their inter-division battle with a 37.7 lead and it could have been much worse if Mr Pavelski and his Hat Trick were inserted into the Downton Flyers lineup.

Third place in the West Division team Buffalo Winter is holding a 9.3 points lead over Team Iglesias who has eight eligible players for today’s five NHL games compared to Buffalo Winter’s three players, but all is for nought if the NHL players themselves do not perform well.

Second place in the East Division Team ALEX scored 30.1 points last night to 8.5 for team Buffalo Sabres to take a nearly 10-point lead heading into today’s NHL schedule as both teams are undefeated and vying for the top spot in their division.

The top two teams in the West Division, first-place team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap has fallen behind by just over four points to the division’s second-place team, Team Borowicz who score over 22 points last night to come from behind to challenge for division supremacy.

Defenseman Extraordinaire


Mr Dahlin now has set a newer NHL record to become the only defenseman to score in the first five games of the regular season he also surpasses Mr Housley as the only Buffalo defenseman to score in five consecutive games.

Last night’s game featured no less than three first-round, two number ones, Buffalo Sabres draft picks, all defensemen two currently are Sabres with Mr Myers (Rookie of the Year) now a Canuck.

Quiet Canuck Fans


The Vancouver Canucks are giving their fans little to cheer about as they struggle to win their first regular season game after six attempts, 0-4-2, and HC Boudreau is still in search of his 600th coaching victory.

The NHL Sunday schedule is five games beginning at two o’clock this afternoon and with three games at five o’clock and one at seven this evening it will be an early finish for the weekly matchups, FHL team managers should solidify their lineup before lunch.