Colorado Cup Champions

Another dream begins

Even in a game four of a Finals sweep there is something different about a game when the Stanley Cup is on-site and last night was no exception as both teams combined to play one of the more exciting Stanley Cup Finals in recent seasons.

The first period begins with a Tampa Bay icing the puck then earning a power play in only 23 seconds but the Avalanche kill off their first penalty as Tampa Bay finishes the power play with no shots on goal.

It takes less than four minutes for the Lightning to strike first capitalizing on a fortunate bounce in the slot for a 5-hole shot that gives Tampa Bay the 1-0 lead on another goal with no secondary assist.

The first period was a fast-paced, up-and-down skating, with no whistles for seven and a half consecutive minutes, but few shots, with Colorado banging one off the post, and some physical nonsense at the end of the period for one of the more entertaining first periods of playoff Hockey.

The second period starts quickly also as “The Mac Attack is Back” for the Burgundy and Blue with Mr. MacKinnon’s second of the Finals on his fourth shot which went off of Mr. Vasilevskiy’s blocker to tie the game and Mr. Kane for the playoffs goals (13) lead.  

Once again HC Cooper displays his disappointment as Mr. Stamkos and the coach believes the delayed penalty should have been whistled dead before the goal was scored.

As replay highlights Mr. Paul did not touch the puck after the official’s arm went up, he did not have possession or make a pass but as Mr. Paul last touched the puck before the arm went up was so close as to be simultaneous to the naked eye.

At approximately 13 minutes to play in the second period an ESPN “reporter” asked HC Cooper on air if he thought the goal should have counted…the coach laughed at her.

At the 11:52 mark, the ESPN announcers declare Mr. Stamkos and Mr. Byram as “a mess behind the net” as more penalties are not called.

Then an odd-man 3-on-2 rush develops less than eight minutes in the period and another fortunate bounce/pass turns into a deflection affording Mr. Lehkonen an opportunity which he buries for the 2-1 lead.

Immediately after the score and during the celebration Tampa Bay’s Mr. Magoon breaks his stick on Colorado’s Mr. Manson’s leg with a full “Paul Bunyan” two-handed chop, fortunately, Mr. Manson saw it coming and lifted his leg for some protection.

Before Paul Bunyan Chop

This we are informed by ESPN announcer Mr. Ferraro is a penalty in November but not now, after this we see Tampa Bay begin to take physical liberties highlighted by their boarding penalty during the remaining five minutes of the second period.

The third period begins to unravel for Tampa Bay as they cannot get their first shot on net until past the halfway point of the period and their second shot comes with only six and half minutes left to play.

GM Sakic Replied, “Yes” when asked if the Cup felt heavier

The Colorado Avalanche seemed faster and fresher as the Lightning pull Mr. Vasilevskiy with 2:03 remaining, 1:15 icing was called on Colorado, then :26 seconds left and no icing was called…time runs out and the Avalanche have their third Stanley Cup Championship.

Congratulations One and All

Tampa Bay Taking it Home

Outside Fans are Rowdy in Denver

With a brilliant light show at Ball Arena and beautiful rendition of The Star-Spangled Banner plus the pre-game analysis from announcers Mr. Levy and Mr. Chelios explaining  “game four was in the rear-view mirror”, and “kick ‘em when their down mentality, give ‘em no life”.

The Avalanche take the game’s first penalty and showed why they have earned an 80% kill ratio in the regular season and playoffs and when their second penalty a few minutes later was issued after a decent backchecking effort is also successfully killed with garnishing one short-handed SOG.

Colorado had the edge in offensive zone time but it was Tampa Bay that scored first as 31-year-old defenseman Mr. Rutta scored his first goal of the playoffs with a heavy 95 mph shot that was taken from the far side top of the faceoff circle.

Five minutes into the second period Mr. Nichushkin scores his ninth to tie the game at one with rookie Mr. Makar getting the primary assist his (21) of the playoffs.

Not even 90 seconds later there is a delayed penalty whistled then oddly off-setting penalties but Colorado takes another penalty affording the Lightning a 4-on-3 man advantage which they cash in on with a deflection off the post and in for the 2 – 1 lead.

With just under seven minutes remaining in the second period, Mr. Magoon puts Mr. MacKinnon in a headlock and tackles him to the ice at the blueline, but like a “too many men on the ice” missed call, clearly, this was as well.

The clock has less than four minutes to play with the Avalanche going on the power play but Mr. Vasilevskiy kills it and the period ends with a Colorado 7 SOG advantage but the Lighting took the 2-1 lead into the third period.

The third period begins well for Colorado as Mr. Cernak’s skate blade causes the puck to become a “dribbler” and Mr. Vasilevskiy legs it in for the Avalanche score credited to Mr. Makar and the 2-2 tie.

Period three ends at 6:22 effectively as Mr. Palat scored his (11) for Tampa Bay and a 3-2 lead and with 2:38 of time remaining the Avalanche take a “too many men on the ice” penalty, an exciting, close, empty-net, pressure-filled game ends with a Lightning victory.

The Stanley Cup Finals Game Six is tonight in Florida scheduled with an eight o’clock start time, this series has been enjoyable and unpredictable with both teams winning on the road, and if, IF Tampa Bay wins we will compare the Finals from 80 years ago.

Colorado Comeback

The Avalanche came from behind for a victory and the Bolts are on the brink with game five in Denver and Tampa Bay facing elimination.

The best pre-game analysis came from Mr. Chelios when informed of Mr. Kadri playing with a broken thumb protected by a cast, then commented, “I would whack it every chance I got”.

To begin the game Mr. Kuemper had unsuccessfully channeled Mr. Gump Worsley as Tampa Bay defenseman Mr. Cernak took a powerful shot that went off the goalies mask popping the straps.

And as the stick blade of Mr. Cirelli assisted the mask’s trajectory downwards the puck fell in front of Mr. Cirelli for the easy goal and a Lightning 1-0 lead only 36 seconds into the first period.

After that Tampa Bay played a defensive, protect the one-goal lead to the end of the game style that is camouflaged by the 11 SOG 2 statistical disparity reflecting mostly harmless shots by the four and a half minute mark of the first period. 

Tampa Bay gets their first power play with three minutes remaining and allowed Colorado two short-handed SOG as the period finishes up with 17 SOG 4 Tampa Bay advantage. 

Four minutes into the second period the Avalanche go on their first power play and just over a minute later the puck deflects off of Mr. MacKinnon’s skate blade for his first goal of the Stanley Cup Finals and the game is tied at one.

With less than nine minutes to play in the second period, Mr. Hedman takes a weak no-look backhand from near the faceoff dot that should have been stopped but eluded Mr. Kuemper’s blocker side over the pad for the Tampa Bay 2-1 lead.

Nearly three minutes into the third period Colorado quiets the Amalie Arena crowd with their second goal generated by the fourth line as Mr. Cogliano notches his third of the playoffs with a rare even-strength goal against the Lightning to tie the game at two.  

The rest of the third period is filled with Tampa Bay Captain Mr. Stamkos blocking shots, Colorado’s Mr. Johnson handing out dasher board rattling checks, Tampa Bay scrumming it up, announcers starting their “next goal wins” rhetoric along with mentioning the lack of penalty calls.

For the second time in four games, the teams went into overtime and the Avalanche are hustling and get the first SOG, Colorado’s Mr. O’Connor gets a breakaway shot with the stick of Mr. Hedman on his glove, and there is a shot off the post then a crossbar and the Avalanche are relentlessly pressuring.

At the 12:02 mark of overtime, Mr. Kadri accepts a pass while entering the blue line and skates through Mr. McDonagh and around Mr. Sergachev to lift a shot up over Mr. Vasilevskiy into the net and it wedged into the top side of the netting.

This caused everyone for a moment to ask, “…did it go in”, and indeed it did for the Colorado 3-2 overtime victory and a 3-2 Stanley Cup Finals lead heading back to Denver for an elimination game five.

The drama does not end until HC Cooper vaguely infers in his post-game interview that the overtime-winning goal should not count, and Avalanche players were surprised when informed about HC Cooper’s comments at their press conferences.

Mr. Kadri was quoted as saying, “I’m not quite sure what he (HC Cooper) was thinking, why it shouldn’t have counted, the puck hit the back of the net, end of story.”

Also surprisingly HC Cooper does not agree with the on-ice official’s judgment/interpretations of Rule 74.1 (too many men on the ice), as well as almost coming to tears at the podium as he did not want to specifically say why.

The rule states: “When a player is retiring from the ice surface and is within the five-foot (5’) limit of his players’ bench, and his substitute is on the ice, then the retiring player shall be considered off the ice.”

Mr. MacKinnon was well within that distance when Kadri received the pass to enter the offensive zone, and the final call is with the on-ice officials, no replay or review can be utilized for a non-call.   

Get ready for Friday Night in Denver as the streamers and balloons are up, the marching band is tuning up, and the parade is ready to start, with the Stanley Cup on-site for presentation, all that remains is an Avalanche home victory.  

Tampa Bay can win this elimination road game and they have what is required to get the job done, with these two similar/evenly matched teams, anything is possible.

Bolts Bounce Back

A good effort by Tampa Bay to win their first game of the Stanley Cup Finals in front of the home crowd, the Lightning were 7-0 at home and the Avalanche were 7-0 on the road so something had to give.

Just five minutes into the first period and Colorado once again breaks the ice with the first goal an easy floater over the blocker side for their third straight game scoring first but HC Cooper after waiting as long as he could then called for a Coach’s Challenge.

The challenge itself seemed clear-cut but the officials literally took more time to decide the play was offside than the amount of time already spent playing the game, finally after a long review they determined no goal.

Now six minutes in and Tampa Bay gets its first power play since game three against the Rangers and the Lightning are at 0-6 for power play conversion in the Stanley Cup Finals and after the Avalanche get a shorthanded SOG Tampa Bay gets penalized.

We get four on four for 41 seconds and when Colorado is on the power play they score again and this one counts for the 1-0 lead, 6 SOG 5 halfway through the opening period.

Tampa Bay ties the game at one with a fanned on push/shot that went under Mr. Kuemper and Mr. Cirelli who scored the goal also had the secondary assist but was not credited with the statistic, oddly Tampa Bay’s first three goals have no secondary assists.  

When Mr. Palat affords the Lightning their first lead of the Stanley Cup Finals by scoring his tenth of the playoffs he too had the secondary assist and was not credited with that point.

At this point, the ESPN cheerleader announcer for Tampa Bay said no less than three times how the Colorado Avalanche looked, “confused”, probably because of the uncharacteristic giveaways resulting in scores for Tampa Bay.

It takes Tampa Bay less than 90 seconds to score their third goal to begin the second period, a few minutes later relentless Avalanche pressure results in a Colorado power play which highlights another “up over the blocker” goal on Mr. Vasilevskiy for the 3-2 score.

Eight minutes into the second period and Mr. Stamkos records his first point of the Stanley Cup Finals by scoring his tenth and Mr. Maroon scores which prompts Colorado to switch goalies and Mr. (Frankie) Francouz takes over for the Avalanche.

A delay of game penalty for shooting the puck into the fans gives Tampa Bay’s Mr. Perry a chance at some loose change which he takes advantage of for the Lightning’s sixth goal and four-goal lead.

In the third period, Tampa Bay takes six shots and Mr. Vasilevskiy plays to his abilities and stops all 12 Colorado shots, of course with little time remaining in a game already won Tampa Bay goes in goon mode as the only highlights from the third period are fighting.

Mr. Pat MaGoon

Tampa Bay and Colorado resume tonight at eight o’clock this evening, so the questions are will Tampa Bay win game four, will Mr. Francouz start over Mr. Kuemper, and which Mr. Vasilevskiy will show up?

Denver Hosts Historical Game Two

In 1919 the NHL had the first 7-0 shutout in the Stanley Cup playoffs versus the PCHL Champions during a season where both League Championship teams had their names etched as co-winners on the Stanley Cup.

Over 100 seasons later we have the NHL’s second 7-0 Stanley Cup Finals shutout, the largest shutout Stanley Cup Finals victory remains the Penguin’s 8-0 series-ending win in 1991 versus Minnesota.

How Tampa Bay responds for games three and four at home is first and foremost on everyone’s mind today, the Lightning uncharacteristically played with little vim and vigor last night highlighted by their stationary play and the numerous statistics in Colorado’s favor.

During the 1970s I listened to many NHL games on my transistor radio, and last night I listened to Denver’s KKSE “The Altitude Radio Network” for period one and Florida’s WFLA “Lightning Radio” to take in period two, then video replay for period three.  

Colorado again opens the scoring first doing so on the power play, 3 SOG, and 61 seconds into the contest it is 1-0 Avalanche assisted by rookie Mr. Newhook getting the secondary helper. 

The Denver radio announcer shouts, “Man Oh Manson” as defenseman Mr. Manson scores Colorado’s second goal with another assist from rookie Mr. Newhook and the 2-0 lead.

A rebound results in the third goal for the Avalanche as the radio announcer informs his audience that “Andre the Giant” Burakovsky put that in and has given Colorado a three-goal lead.

Less than four minutes remaining in the first period and you can hear the crowd chanting, “We want the Cup”, then the radio announcer has an on-air hissy fit as he cannot believe Mr. Kuemper (served by the rookie Mr. Newhook) is getting penalized as well as Mr. Perry.

Colorado Center Mr. Helm at 35 years of age appearing in his ninth NHL Stanley Cup playoff season had issued seven hits by this point of the game and easily became the NHL hits playoff leader these playoffs.

Finally, the radio announcer practically had a heart attack as Mr. Stamkos slashes in “broad daylight” and other Lightning players are, “barking at the Colorado players and running the goalie”, but with 80 seconds left, the period is mercifully allowed to end.  

For the second period, I had switched to WFLA “Lightning Radio” to listen to the Tampa Bay announcer’s perspective, almost five minutes in and no SOG I am informed how the Avalanche are quick on the Lightning players and causing missed passes.

The fourth goal is scored when Mr. Palat softly gives the puck away behind the net to Mr. Rantanen who then alertly passes it right out in front to Mr. Nichushkin at the mid-faceoff circle/slot area whose accurate shot eluded Mr. Vasilevskiy.

The 15-season veteran Mr. Helm takes a deflected puck deep in his zone and proceeds to skate right down Main Street past a Lightning change and as soon as he enters the faceoff circle to the right of Mr. Vasilevskiy snaps a wrister for the 5-0 Avalanche lead.

A two-on-one short-handed odd-man rush halfway through Tampa Bay’s powerplay affords Mr. Makar an opportunity to shoot and score to increase Colorado’s lead to 6-0 only a couple minutes into the third period.

Finally, goal seven came on a Colorado power play midway through the third period when Mr. Makar scores his second of the game blocker side, interestingly Mr. Vasilevskiy is not pulled and finished the game.

Game Three Monday Night for Tampa Bay’s first home game of the series game time is set to begin at eight o’clock.

Avalanche OT Victory in 83 Seconds

The excitement generated for game one was worth it for those fans fortunate enough to be in Denver at the Ball Arena Wednesday night witnessing some two-goal leads, a tied game for nearly half an hour, overtime, and the home team vanquishing the visitors.

The Avalanche appeared ready to go right from the opening faceoff despite the prognostications of the announcers that were obsequiously flattering the Lightning all game, highlighted by the announcer’s description of Colorado’s first two scores as “not the prettiest but they went in”.

The first goal was a beautiful shot that went through Mr. Vasilevskiy’s glove side by Mr. Rantanen and as it was going towards the net when Mr. Landeskog made sure with the tip as he was being hooked around the waist by Mr. Hagel and fell to the ice.

The second goal was better than the first as Mr. Makar checks Mr. Paul off the puck along the dasher board getting Mr. MacKinnon the puck who alertly snaps a pass to a wide-open Mr. Nichushkin whose greasy wrister from the top of the faceoff circle beats Mr. Vasilevskiy.

If it is an ugly goal example required the Lightning’s first score was just that and a bit of luck for Tampa Bay’s Mr. Paul who now has scored four goals and four assists in these playoffs from a player who could barely score for Ottawa over seven seasons.

The third goal resulted from a 5-on-3 benefiting from Tampa Bay’s inability to stop tripping Colorado’s best offensive players, no matter how many times Mr. Cirelli shakes his head no in the penalty box, he did trip Mr. Makar.

Now HC Cooper began to get emotional when he thought there should have been an offside call before Colorado burned Mr. Vasilevskiy again, offside review will always come down to the linesmen’s call on the ice.

Video replay clearly highlights Mr. Makar did not touch the puck until Mr. Nichushkin cleared the zone, on-air reporting citing NHL video coaches from teams not in the playoffs all backing the linesman’s call.

In the second period Tampa Bay skates to within one of Colorado with a beautiful score of their own compliments of Mr. Kucherov, who when passing to the goal scorer Mr. Palat was mentioned “for his brilliance” of his assist by the fawning announcer.

Moments later Tampa Bay scores again for the tie and with approximately six and half minutes remaining in the second period there will not be another goal scored until overtime.

Overtime lasted 83 seconds as the Avalanche took control of the puck mid-ice and skated into the offensive zone with an even-man rush of three-on-three as the Lightning defenseman blocked the initial shot it went to a Colorado player who passed it across the ice to Mr. Burakovsky who scored.

Quebec sweaters in Colorado colors are too cool

The NHL had scheduled the first game Wednesday night with the second game three nights later, a long delay between the first two games of the Stanley Cup Finals but Saturday night at eight o’clock Colorado hosts game two.

Just Enough

Game six in Tampa Bay went the Lightning’s way with a 2-1 effort eliminating the Rangers in a home win propelling Tampa Bay to their third consecutive trip to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The first period was filled with 18 SOG which is the average for the entire game with these two teams and we also saw the #14 magoon punch Mr. Trouba in the head knocking off the helmet but no harm, no foul.

The scoreless period also has ESPN producing a positive Tampa Bay graphic for viewers, Mr. Bogosian for the Lightning looks more solid offensively and Mr. Braun protects the defensive zone well for the Rangers.

In the final five minutes the Rangers hold a 64-36 faceoff percentage advantage and Mr. Shesterkin looks brilliant with a pad save on a Tampa Bay forward Mr. Cirelli.

It appears as if New York has the lightning rods against Tampa Bay as Mr. Shesterkin one minute into the second period makes a beautiful glove/pad stack save to keep the game scoreless.

Then the best check of the series came at 17:27 of the second period when a crushingly clean shoulder-to-shoulder check from Mr. Trouba put Mr. Perry convincingly to the ice.

More physical play ensues as Mr. Bogosian after a little face wash goons it up with a headlock on Mr. Rooney which also became a helmet remover, but astonishingly when penalties are meted out Mr. Bogosian escapes the official’s ire and we are at four on four.

At the 12:23 mark, ESPN produces a negative New York graphic for viewers, and two minutes after that Mr. Hedman has a hissy fit as he ducked almost completely out of the way from a glass and dasher board rattling check.

After all of Mr. Shesterkin’s efforts at the 9:17 mark, Tampa Bay takes a weak shot that unbelievably eludes the goaltender, five minutes later the Rangers penalty killers are once again successful and the period ends with 23 SOG 13 in favor of Tampa Bay.  

In the third period, the Rangers are outhitting and blocking, winning faceoffs are awarded their second power play, but they have to score, which they do eventually to tie the game on their 19th shot and we have a nail-biter.

Fan and Player expressing themselves

But not even 30 seconds later Tampa Bay scores a controversial goal that highlighted goaltender interference but was ruled a clean goal by the officials and so it goes…

The player hits the goaltender’s glove as the puck bounces off the leg of the Tampa Bay player and into the net

Game 1 at eight o’clock in Colorado the 12-2 Avalanche will open up the Stanley Cup Finals at home versus the 12-5 Lightning Wednesday night.


Game five was a low shooting and scoring affair Thursday night as both teams combine for 3 SOG 1 halfway through the first period with the Rangers spending most of the period in the offensive zone and winning 57 percent of faceoffs.

At 8:50 the Bread Man dangles and skates circles around Mr. Paul and it caused the Tampa Bay player to lose his balance and fall to the ice.

Finally at the 6:49 mark, the Lightning take their second shot of the game and the announcers ignore this fact after hyping the fact that the Ranges had a low SOG last game.

The obsequiousness of the ESPN announcers was so apparent they actually posted negative statistical information on the screen about the Rangers during the first period.

The second period highlighted New York’s sterling penalty-killing abilities,and the first Rangers power play was set up when Mr. Shesterkin alertly shot the puck at the Lightning bench during a change to earn the “too many men on the ice” call.

On top of which Tampa Bay is taking a whole three shots for the period and also hit two goal posts which the announcers kept commenting on well into the second period at the 5:18 mark again, Tampa had hit two posts.

The announcers’ constant mentioning of the Lightning’s two posts stopped when there were two and a half minutes left in the second period and Tampa Bay scored a lucky/perfect shot through no less than a six-player screen to tie the game at one.

The third period with seven minutes remaining had both teams acquiring 23 SOG, a quick-thinking Mr. Palat sheepishly ducks out of the way to avoid getting hit by Mr. Trouba.

Tampa gets their second score with less than two minutes left in the game when skittish Mr. Palat scores to make the score 2-1 and with 58 seconds remaining a Happy Net goal seals the victory for the Lightning.

Tonight the Rangers must return the favor and beat the Lightning on the road at Amalie Arena in Florida with puck drop scheduled for approximately eight o’clock.

Bolts Bewilder Broadway Blueshirts

And we are headed back to New York City for game five with the series all tied up as it should be between the 7th and 8th place overall regular-season Eastern Conference teams.

Some players find success late in their careers, for example, Tampa Bay Lightning left wing Mr. Pat Maroon who was on the Cup-winning Blues team and contributed three goals in 26 playoff games and then 13 goals over the next two Cup-winning playoff runs with Tampa Bay.

Mr. Maroon may not score often but last night’s score was a beauty after picking up a rebound off of a Mr. Bogosian shot for his third of these playoffs while playing 10 minutes, shooting the puck once, and dishing out three hits for the game.

Tampa Bay played like a team desperate to win and New York played like a team desperate to end the series early and at the halfway point of the second period the game was choppy and chaotic.

Once the initial goal is scored the game is blocking, shots wide, hits, choppy skating and passing, rebounds were there even with the low SOG, and a “no goal” review/call on a brilliant save from Mr. Shesterkin.

A moment of offense as Mr. Palat passes to Mr. Kucherov skating right down the middle to score on Tampa’s 13th SOG and then the game resumed its grind and when Mr. Stamkos scored you could feel that this game was won.

The Rangers were able to stymie Mr. Vasilevskiy in his shutout bid when “The Bread Man” Mr. Panarin elevated a shot up to the corner glove side after gifted a deflection from Mr. McDonagh.  

The series resumes Thursday, June 9th for game five at eight o’clock in Madison Square Garden.

Avalanche Advance

An exciting elimination game last night in Edmonton with two-goal leads, multiple lead changes, 11 goals, and finally an overtime win.

Nearly four minutes into the game Mr. Makar scores on the power play after Mr. Rantanen checks Mr. Hyman off the puck affording Mr. Lehkonen an opportunity to gather the puck and pass it to Mr. Makar whose shot from way out in the prairies eludes Mr. Smith’s glove. 

The first ten minutes highlight some good hitting and great backchecking by both teams and Colorado’s forecheck is relentless as witnessed on their second penalty kill outshooting Edmonton 3-1.

With 90 seconds remaining Avalanche defenseman Mr. Byram falls into the post and while on the ice Mr. Smith gave him a good shot to the head with the blocker, a whack to the ankle for being in the crease is one thing but this was uncalled for.

The Avalanche take the first seven shots of the second period, hit a post, the announcers contemplating that HC Woodcroft does not trust his depth then the Oilers break through Colorado’s layers of defense and tie the game at one.

Moments after the tying goal Mr. Landeskog inadvertently crashes into the dasher boards with Mr. Kassian after which Mr. Kassian gets up and attacks Mr. Landeskog with a wrestling hold on the ice, Oilers on the power play, and Mr. Kassian received a free shot.  

Mr. Nugent-Hopkins breakaway resulted from a bad pass turnover that he backhanded up and over the blocker enabling Edmonton to score twice on five shots, minutes later Mr. McDavid scored on the power play off the post glove side for the two-goal lead to finish the period. 

The third period was an absolute barn burner with six goals and beginning at 31 seconds in Mr. Toews shoots the puck off of the leg of Mr. Ceci and off Mr. Smith’s glove edge and in the net as both Colorado goals are scored by a defenseman.

Edmonton responded a few minutes later with a 4-on-2 odd-man rush that culminated with Mr. McDavid to Mr. Draisaitle to Mr. Hyman and off of the face mask/cage of Mr. Francouz for the 4-2 lead and the Oilers are skating well.

When Mr. Landeskog was able to score Mr. Smith had a fit and slammed his very flexible goalie stick on the ice in frustration, (it did not break), and the score was not challenged or “looked at” so it was a good goal.

Six and a half minutes remaining in the game when Mr. McKinnon scores a beautiful goal from inside the bottom of the faceoff circle upstairs “where Momma hides the cookies” and the game is tied.

The determined Avalanche score on the power play as they earn three goals on five shots in less than six minutes and the Oilers respond quickly as Mr. Nurse slams/checks Mr. Rantanen to the ice, two passes and a rebound later Mr. Kassian ties the game at five.

We are headed to OVERTIME!

It did not take long, at the 18:41 mark with what has been analyzed as a good goal the initial touch at shoulder height resulted in a shot, not a goal had the puck entered the net it would have been high sticking and no goal.

When it is a SOG a high stick is determined by the height of the player’s shoulder, when a goal is scored a high stick is determined by the height of the crossbar.

When the announcers referred to the most loathed referee Mr. Koharski about this goal while watching the slow-mo replay Mr. Koharski said, “holy sh*t” live on air, classy.

Edmonton played well in game four but Colorado is a beast and swept the Oilers and now await the winner of the Rangers and Lightning series, game four tonight in NYC with the Rangers holding a 2-1 series lead.