Colorado Cup Champions

Another dream begins

Even in a game four of a Finals sweep there is something different about a game when the Stanley Cup is on-site and last night was no exception as both teams combined to play one of the more exciting Stanley Cup Finals in recent seasons.

The first period begins with a Tampa Bay icing the puck then earning a power play in only 23 seconds but the Avalanche kill off their first penalty as Tampa Bay finishes the power play with no shots on goal.

It takes less than four minutes for the Lightning to strike first capitalizing on a fortunate bounce in the slot for a 5-hole shot that gives Tampa Bay the 1-0 lead on another goal with no secondary assist.

The first period was a fast-paced, up-and-down skating, with no whistles for seven and a half consecutive minutes, but few shots, with Colorado banging one off the post, and some physical nonsense at the end of the period for one of the more entertaining first periods of playoff Hockey.

The second period starts quickly also as “The Mac Attack is Back” for the Burgundy and Blue with Mr. MacKinnon’s second of the Finals on his fourth shot which went off of Mr. Vasilevskiy’s blocker to tie the game and Mr. Kane for the playoffs goals (13) lead.  

Once again HC Cooper displays his disappointment as Mr. Stamkos and the coach believes the delayed penalty should have been whistled dead before the goal was scored.

As replay highlights Mr. Paul did not touch the puck after the official’s arm went up, he did not have possession or make a pass but as Mr. Paul last touched the puck before the arm went up was so close as to be simultaneous to the naked eye.

At approximately 13 minutes to play in the second period an ESPN “reporter” asked HC Cooper on air if he thought the goal should have counted…the coach laughed at her.

At the 11:52 mark, the ESPN announcers declare Mr. Stamkos and Mr. Byram as “a mess behind the net” as more penalties are not called.

Then an odd-man 3-on-2 rush develops less than eight minutes in the period and another fortunate bounce/pass turns into a deflection affording Mr. Lehkonen an opportunity which he buries for the 2-1 lead.

Immediately after the score and during the celebration Tampa Bay’s Mr. Magoon breaks his stick on Colorado’s Mr. Manson’s leg with a full “Paul Bunyan” two-handed chop, fortunately, Mr. Manson saw it coming and lifted his leg for some protection.

Before Paul Bunyan Chop

This we are informed by ESPN announcer Mr. Ferraro is a penalty in November but not now, after this we see Tampa Bay begin to take physical liberties highlighted by their boarding penalty during the remaining five minutes of the second period.

The third period begins to unravel for Tampa Bay as they cannot get their first shot on net until past the halfway point of the period and their second shot comes with only six and half minutes left to play.

GM Sakic Replied, “Yes” when asked if the Cup felt heavier

The Colorado Avalanche seemed faster and fresher as the Lightning pull Mr. Vasilevskiy with 2:03 remaining, 1:15 icing was called on Colorado, then :26 seconds left and no icing was called…time runs out and the Avalanche have their third Stanley Cup Championship.

Congratulations One and All

Author: Buffalo Winter


3 thoughts on “Colorado Cup Champions”

  1. When Vasilevskiy was pulled, I would have bet $100 that Lightning would score and tie up the game. Cute pic at the top of the little boy with his little replica Cup.

    Many thanks Buffalo Winter for your informative and entertaining playoffs coverage with the neat design features. Next up…….the NHL Entry Draft on July 7 & 8. Out of curiosity, I looked up who was the youngest player ever to get drafted in the NHL. Any guesses? Answer: Jeff Skinner (born May 16, 1992). And the youngest NHL player in league history before the draft existed? Answer: 16 year old Armand “Bep” Guidolin (born Dec 9, 1925) who played left wing for the Bruins in 1942 as many players were serving in World War II.

    Take care guys. Nice chatting.

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    1. Your Welcome Paper Girl, and thank you for reading my posts, Jeff Skinner?…too cool, “Bep” now there is a Hockey name, lol

      I know I was fortunate to be able to get that image of the little boy

      I thought Tampa Bay would tie the game also, especially with icing and about a minute to go…oh well, maybe next season, lol

      Taking care and hoping you do the same, and it is always a pleasure chatting with you


    2. “I looked up who was the youngest player ever to get drafted in the NHL. Any guesses? Answer: Jeff Skinner (born May 16, 1992). ”

      Yeah, I think you are wildly wrong with that one. The eligibility for the NHL draught is to be 18 by 15 September of the draught year. So, anyone draughted into the NHL and born between 16 May and 15 September would necessarily be younger than Skinner. Off the top of my head I quickly looked up a few current players (and one recently retired ex-Leaf). They were all draughted at a younger age than Skinner.

      Aleksander Barkov – 2 September 1995
      Jordan Staal – 10 September, 1988
      Patrick Marleau – 15 September, 1979 and picked 2nd over all on 21 June, 1997.

      Here’s some fun articles for the historian in you:

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