Seven Periods

GM 1 F/4OT

FLA 3 – CAR 2 OT Both teams were undefeated when scoring first, and both teams were undefeated in overtime, last night one team scored all their goals on the power play, and the other could not score on the power play, throw in some sketchy officiating and viola one the most entertaining games to date.

The Florida Panthers and Mr. Bobrovsky continue their torrid pace through the playoffs by winning against all odds placed against them in Raleigh with a well-earned game-one road victory that took seven periods to decide.

The Panthers had earned penalties in the game but not the one that gave the Hurricanes a 5-on-3 advantage for 1:22 which Carolina failed to capitalize on but with seconds remaining in the period and still on the power play the Hurricanes did score the game’s first goal.

Florida silenced the crowd by scoring twice in two minutes and 15 seconds late in the second period but Carolina poured it on early in the third period scoring again on the power play and outshooting the Panthers 14 to 2 for the period.

Less than three minutes into the first overtime Florida’s winning goal is negated by a determination of interference, the Carolina player causing the Florida player to clash skates with the goaltender is overlooked and the game continues, and continues, and continues.

Florida is tagged for a hooking penalty in the fourth overtime but Carolina does not score and with seconds remaining in the period the Panthers score the winning tally to capture game one.

Game 1 between the Stars and Knights begins at 8:30pm EST tonight in sin city, you will not be able to escape the constant barrage of gambling adverts, but at least they put some “gamblers anonymous” information as well, so all is good.

Author: Buffalo Winter


3 thoughts on “Seven Periods”

  1. I watched the four overtimes. Carolina had their chance especially earlier with the Panthers goal having been disallowed. Thank you for another summary Buffalo Winter. Now my beloved Leafs are imploding. What a fiasco because Shanahan had a “feeling” and acted on it. First Dubas, now Spezza. My heart aches. Next will likely be Keefe and signings that won’t come to fruition. I’m sad. I can barely stand it.

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    1. I could not stay awake for any of the overtimes and I thought for sure I would wake up today with the Hurricanes having won, what a pleasant surprise.

      I was just reading about the firing of GM Dubas, I did not see that coming, and I would suppose it would be uncomfortable for Mr. Spezza to stay, and a new GM could mean a new HC, and the upcoming extensions and trade talk, sheesh no wonder your saddened by the Maple Leafs state of affairs at the moment, but I am sure once the dust settles Toronto moves forward successfully and positively.

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      1. I greatly appreciate your sympathy. To be honest I am still in shock over what transpired this week. There was so much to digest and the amount of discussion-the good, the bad, and the ugly–on social media was almost too much for me to take. While driving up north today we were listening to a sports radio show The Fan 590 and I actually called into the show to give my two cents regarding the situation. I was nervous being on air but I did it. I wish there was some way to turn back time. Have a nice Sunday tomorrow, Buffalo Winter.


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