Buffalo Beats Blueshirts

Mr. Levi wins debut

What we all wanted to see came to fruition last night as Mr. Levi posted a .939 save percentage allowing two goals at even strength and stopping all four shots during the Rangers’ lone power play for his NHL debut victory.

Mr. Levi quickly gloved a New York SOG

It took New York nearly six minutes before registering their first SOG and with an obvious non-call on a cross-check to the back of the neck that prompted Mr. Ray to comment, “I guess we know how they are calling the game… they’re not.”

The Rangers’ only other shot of the period came off an attempt from Mr. Vesey that Mr. Levi took care of with his quick glove, a minute later Mr. Peterka scores finishing off a tic-tac-toe play with Mr. Quinn and Mr. Cozens for the one nothing lead.

Scores while being noticeably hooked

During a delayed penalty Mr. Power was attempting a shot when an astute official whistled the play dead posing the question of when the Rangers had possession, all for naught as both the Sabres and Rangers come up short on the game’s three power plays.

unstoppable Sabres 6′ 6″ Power Forward

Buffalo’s second goal was a thing of beauty as Mr. Greenway accepted a nice up-and-over the defender flip pass from Mr. Mittelstadt then one-handed beat two New York defenders and puts the shot right above the glove and arm of the Rangers netminder.

Skinner! Skinner! Overtime Winner!!

Mr. Skinner’s Overtime winning goal was no less spectacular as he nets his 32nd goal of the season after splitting Mr. Zibanejad and Mr. Tarasenko who were attempting to defend him, past defenseman Mr. Miller with a greasy wrister to win the game.

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