Launching Levi

Buffalo Sabres versus New York Rangers

Not since Mr. Barrasso arrived from the Massachusetts high school system into the NHL for the Buffalo Sabres have I been this excited about a goaltender playing his first game in the NHL for the Sabres.

It would seem unfair to put high expectations on an incoming rookie goaltender and to envisage Mr. Levi as the heir apparent in net becoming the final piece for this corps of young talented and highly skilled players to cement them into their playoff destiny.

It is not unfair at all, the Sabres and their fans require Mr. Levi to be more than capable, more than solid in net, more than what we have become acclimated to from the last half a dozen netminders who have played valiantly but ultimately came up short.

Listening to this young man speaking articulately and intelligently about goaltending coupled with his infectious anticipation and excitement for tonight’s debut I cannot help but become more enthused and no matter the outcome versus the Rangers, Mr. Levi, “our goaltender”  is here.

Author: Buffalo Winter


2 thoughts on “Launching Levi”

  1. Congratulations on his debut tonight. I will likely watch the game highlights in the morning with the intent of watching his performance. No matter the outcome, like you say, he sounds like an extremely welcome addition to the team.

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