The Buffalo Pro H2H Points League FHL Championship begins tonight with anticipation of the League’s Leader from the East Division Downton Flyers continuing their domination and securing this season’s Championship.

The West Division champion and third overall in the League Buffalo Winter endeavors to skate through the top two teams with one down and the challenge of winning versus the best team in the League to win their third ESPN FHL Championship.

March 27th – April 13th

How did they get to the Finals?

Downton Flyers had lost only three times during the regular season to division rivals Team Fitzgerald (2X) and Team Alex serving the third loss to the eventual League Champion.

In the FHL Semi-Finals a surprising development with Team Beaulieu beating out Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap for the final playoff seeding for the privilege to play the League’s best team in Downton Flyers to start the playoffs.

After the first seven days of the 13-day semi-finals, Team Beaulieu had built a shockingly 30-point lead over the best team in the League and was set up to pull off one of FHL’s biggest upsets when over the next four days the lead evaporated.

Downton Flyers are the number one team for a reason and they fought back and eventually took an over 20-point lead to beat Team Beaulieu to advance to the FHL Finals.

Buffalo Winter’s Finals Opening Line-up

Buffalo Winter opened the season with a loss and played 500 percent Hockey until Thanksgiving where winning the next 11 out of 12 weekly matchups to take over the division lead but only winning one of the last three weekly matchups to earn a playoff seeding.

Buffalo Winter matched against the second-highest playoff seed in Team Alex was another surprise as the favorite Team Alex fell behind ironically as quickly and nearly as far as Downton Flyers had to Team Beaulieu.

Team Alex’s Team Manager played his team well and one or two goals or assists one way or another was all that separated this strong team from advancing as they dropped the matchup by only 5.9 points.

The NHL has six games scheduled tonight as ESPN FHL Finals begin the playoffs with a positive outlook for both combatants as each Division Champion advanced to the finals with comparable offensive statistics with Downton Flyers having the edge in goaltending.

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