The second half of the ESPN FHL 2023 Buffalo Pro H2H Points League Finals begins this afternoon at 12:30 EST and as expected League leader Downton Flyers is in the lead and has gone ahead of Buffalo Winter by nearly a baker’s dozen worth of points.

Outstanding efforts

Not surprisingly the Winner’s Consolation Ladder combatants Team Beaulieu and Team Alex have practically mirrored the Winner’s bracket scores and admirably team Doughty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap after barely missing earning a playoff seeding has taken the overall lead in points while mired in the Consolation Ladder.

One week remaining

Presently the eight consolation-seeded teams have the opportunity to use the ladder games as a “mini-training” camp for team managers, exploring the tools (waiver wire, watch list, injured reserve, begin next season’s roster) available using them to gain insight to improve next season’s entry.

DDDD is leading all teams

My first attempt at managing an ESPN FHL team did not result in a playoff seeding but it is when I learned and gained valuable experience utilizing the waiver wire to be able to increase my overall point total by switching out players not generating points.

The NHL has scheduled all 32 teams to play today creating the opportunity for team managers to have the ability to ice a full roster including the unpleasant task of selecting which players sit on the bench this Saturday.

HNIC Contest selections

This afternoon is the second last home game of the regular season here along the Lake for our Buffalo Sabres and we face off against the Hurricanes as Carolina comes to town for a 12:30 luncheon game.

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