Sabres Resurgence

After being outshot by a four-to-one margin and taking the game’s first penalty in the first period Buffalo survived the period but things turned bleak quickly as Toronto scored twice in three minutes early in the second period to take a 2-0 lead.

Buffalo battled back relentlessly as Mr. Quinn scores with five minutes left in the second period and the Sabres outshot the Leafs by a five-to-one margin and were awarded two power plays alas the game remained 1-2 heading into the third period.

Mr. Peterka and Mr. Quinn

Less than four minutes into the third period Mr. Tuch in his first game back from a lower-body injury ties the game at two with his 29th of the season, six minutes later Mr. Cozens bats in his own rebound and Buffalo takes the 3-2 lead.

Approximately 30 seconds later Toronto is whistled for their third penalty and Mr. Tuch scores his 30th of the season building the game’s 4-2 lead with less than nine minutes remaining in the contest but the Leafs make it close as they score with 62 seconds remaining.

Mr. Tuch scores his 29th and 30th of the season

Buffalo repels the Buds in the final minute for an important road victory as the Sabres seek to secure a wild card seeding by continuing to win the two holiday road games this week in Washington and Philadelphia.

Author: Buffalo Winter


11 thoughts on “Sabres Resurgence”

  1. Great recap my friend. I met you at Tim Horton’s over the weekend (I was telling you how New Jersey is much different socially).

    You’re exactly the type of person that embodies our hometown. A true salt-of-the-earth human being. I loved talking with you. Next time I’m in town maybe we can talk hockey over a Tim’s. Go Buffalo!!!

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    1. Thank you, Jeremy, for your kind words.

      Of course, I remember you and your lovely family,

      Anytime you are here along the Lake, let me know beforehand and we can discuss Hockey over a Tim’s, no problem.

      The Devils are having a terrific season, I have listened to Chico Resch on the radio doing color analysis for New Jersey, what a treat, he makes me laugh with his almost belligerent style, lol

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      1. I used to really dislike NJ. All those years of us playing against that trap drove me nuts. But of course now because of Lindy — I can’t hate the Devils.

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      2. New Jersey was a beast when they had Mr. Boudreau in net, and the trap was boring but effective.

        Mr. Ruff is my wife’s favorite, (some players referred to him as Lindy on the road and Ruff at home, lol).

        The only team I do not care for is the orange colored Hockey sweater-clad team from Eastern Pennsylvania, our first Cup Finals appearance was so gut wrenching to me it took decades to get over it, barely, lol

        Even the “no goal” debacle does not compare.

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    2. Hello Jeremy I am a regular reader here and dare I say, lol, a beloved and hopeful Leafs fan. I enjoy speaking hockey with Buffalo Winter too. Kudos to your Devils for having a great season. Thankfully I have them in one pool and often pick them to win in another played on a weekly basis. I also tend to pick the Sabres over their opponents. Take care, Paper_girl in Toronto

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      1. Definitely not my Devils. :). Im a born-and-raised Buffalonian. Sabres fan for life. But I have a soft spot for the Devils now because Lindy Ruff is the coach.

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  2. Excellent win Buffalo Winter against my Leafs, sigh, lol. Your team came back and won fair and square. When we scored with one minute left in the 3rd, my heart started pounding and I was optimistic that we would tie it up with a celly by Nylander or Marner.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Indeed, when the Leafs went up two nothing it was nice to read your kind comments about coming back and blowing the lead, lol

      I almost want to apologize for my boys winning but your boys won the two previous games so all fair in Love and Hockey!

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