In the closest FHL regular season that Buffalo Winter has participated in, five teams competed for four playoff seedings up until the last day of the last weekly matchup that came down to .3 of a point that prevented the West Division’s second-place team from entering the playoffs.

The ESPN FHL 2023 Semi-Finals begin tonight March 13th through March 26th matching the League Champion team Downton Flyers (18-3) against surprise combatant and division rival that scored the most points in the final weekly matchup, Team Beaulieu (12-9) whose high score earned them the fourth playoff seed.

A classic battle is brewing between teams West Division Champion Buffalo Winter leading every team in (G) goals and (A) assists, and (SOG) shots on goal versus the second place team from the East Division Team Alex who has had the least amount of (PA) points scored against this season.

The NHL has three games scheduled tonight with Buffalo skating into Toronto seeking additional points toward the Sabres’ wild card aspirations.

Author: Buffalo Winter


3 thoughts on “ESPN FHL PLAYOFFS”

  1. Congrats again Buffalo Winter for getting the 2 points, and in regulation time, playing against my beloved Leafs. All my best to you in the wild card race.

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