Last night’s noteworthy highlights

The Columbus Blue Jackets mathematically eliminated the San Jose Sharks playoff hopes last night in overtime 6-5 as Mr. Gaudreau earned five points which has not happened for Columbus since the Bread Man scored five points six seasons ago.

Penalty shot excitement

Goliath went to Chicago and was dropped like a bad habit 6-3 as the Blackhawks tag Mr. Ullmark with five goals, get an empty netter, and a Blackhawks player scores his first hat trick while Pasta whiffs on a penalty shot giving Boston their second consecutive loss.

Montreal marches into Pittsburgh and makes Swiss cheese out of Mr. Jarry by scoring four times on six shots with the last dagger being driven in with only 11 seconds remaining in the first period along with an empty net to seal the 6-4 victory.

Pulled after the first period

The Devils lost to the Lightning 4-1 in a game where New Jersey won 60% of the faceoffs and scored the first goal of the game but only took seven shots in the second period and even fewer with six shots in the third period. 

Retro sweater in LA

The Kings put New York in checkmate 5-2 for their 21st home victory and holding down the Islanders in the standings and bringing them even closer to losing their wild card seeding to Buffalo.

Rest of the Winners

Vancouver wins their fifth game in a row 5-2 as they hand Dallas their ninth road loss.

Vancouver Retro Reverse sweater

Arizona douses the Flames in overtime 4-3.

Edmonton doubles up on Ottawa 6-3.

Nashville wins with 16 SOG for the entire game including overtime by 2-1 over Detroit.

Jets are blown off course by the Hurricanes in a 5-3 loss.

The Rangers and Mr. Kane solidified their playoff seeding by beating the Capitals 5-3.

Philadelphia rolled the dice at home versus sin city and lost 5-3 as Mr. Quick continues to play impressively with his new team.

Author: Buffalo Winter


2 thoughts on “AROUND THE LEAGUE”

  1. Good summary, thank you. I like looking for patterns. Lots of games with 3’s in the final score, not that it means anything in particular, lol. Surprising to see Mr. Ullmark not minding his net as well as usual, if that indeed was the case.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Similar to me as I scan the statistics for interesting anomalies.

      Mr. Ullmark surprised me in the first place by playing so well for Boston, as Mr. Lehner in sin city, Mr. Barrosso in Pittsburgh, Mr. Hasek in Detroit, etc., etc.

      I am patiently awaiting Mr. Levi to get here.

      Liked by 1 person

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