Comrie Comes Home to Roost

Both National anthems are performed and the Jets sported their reverse retro sweaters but that was about all the fans at the game had to cheer about as the Sabres put on a dominant display as they continue to win on the road.

Rookie defenseman Mr. Power makes Sabres history by scoring in three consecutive games with his third of the season past the halfway point of the first period to propel Buffalo into a 1-0 lead.

Mr. Power scoring his third of the season

The Sabres continuously drove Winnipeg back into their zone and with a most impressive puck possession outshot the Jets 28-11 for two periods as Buffalo built a two-goal lead when Mr. Thompson scored his 34th goal approximately six minutes into the second period.  

Mr. Thompson is wide open and puts in his 34th into the wide open net

Buffalo picked up right where they left off in the third by cycling high creating opportunities for defensemen to be open in the offensive zone and continuously putting pucks to the net while keeping their feet moving.

A Winnipeg player dangerously uses the butt end of his stick to hit Mr. Cozens in the neck/jaw area and is penalized after a lengthy review with roughing which the Jets head coach vehemently protests.

Mr. Olofsson watches his shot and the goalie go into the net

Mr. Cozens went to the locker room and did not return while the Sabres took advantage of the power play as Mr. Olofsson scores his 23rd goal of the season to give Buffalo a seemingly insurmountable 3-0 lead with less than half a period to go in the game.

Even in the middle of Canada, there are vibrant Sabres fans

Buffalo is penalized with six minutes remaining and just as Winnipeg pulls their goalie they score just under five minutes left for the 3-1 score than with three minutes in the game the Jets pull the goalie again and score again with less than a minute to go.

false hope

The clock is reset twice in the last minute of play and there is another empty net attack, Buffalo ices the puck then an offsides with a faceoff at the 1.1-second mark as the clock and time run out on Winnipeg and their hopeful fans.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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