Fans, Fans, and more Fans

Across the NHL last night fans showed their appreciation.

Not that I am a fashionista but it does seem inappropriate to wear midriff-exposing shirts in an ice Hockey arena during the middle of January, I appreciate the aesthetics provided but I paid money and prefer the Hockey game to distract me.  

After the Islanders scored to get within one of the Senators a jubilant New York fan has the Ottawa fans in stitches some are laughing so hard, I have no idea what the Mr. Potvin sweater-wearing fan said, but it must have been a good one.

Incredibly the Columbus Blue Jackets provided false hope to Edmonton fans.

Seattle after half a dozen attempts finally beat the Vancouver Canucks for the first time in their short existence and their fans were pumped.

Fans of all sports exhibit their emotional support of their teams, but Hockey Fans are the real deal, every day, every game, we hoot and holler sometimes until the neighbors call law enforcement, lol.

Football has marching bands and cheerleaders, soccer players pull their shirts over their heads when they score, voluptuous women rush onto baseball fields to kiss players, and basketball fans get bowled over and sometimes smacked by overpaid players along the sidelines.

Hockey fans have been treated to some of the aforementioned antics but overall Hockey gives exactly what the fans desire and that is Hockey!

Author: Buffalo Winter


2 thoughts on “Fans, Fans, and more Fans”

  1. Fun read thanks Buffalo Winter. Like all teams, the Leafs have their share of exuberant forever fans who give off tons of terrific and much needed positivity. The fan who goes by the twitter name “Kurtis From Alberta” is one of these fans. Currently he’s in Toronto having already attended two Leafs games this week. Kurtis is a real character who attracts a lot of attention because of his get-up, so not surprising he has been seen on the jumbotron.

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    1. I appreciate the “forever fans” tagline for some fans, too cool

      Mr. Kurtis is @Leafguy403 a social media influencer with 14,000 followers, and on his Twitter feed I have seen one of his photos on the jumbotron

      additionally, he seems to quaff a few Molson’s during his visits to the games, not that there is anything wrong with a couple of beers with friends


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