The NHL Weekly FHL Advice

Approximately at 10 o’clock last night, January 29 the NHL had a tweet of Top 10 Waiver Wire Pickups, who makes these recommendations, and do they even play fantasy Hockey I wonder rhetorically.

Number One Logan Couture

It is unlikely that Mr. Couture is actually on the waiver wire, this player averages 2.2 points per game and is already over 100 points earned total in fantasy this season, but if he was available picking this player up off the waiver wire is a no-brainer.

Number Two Andrew Mangiapane

No reason to pick up this player he is well behind last season’s pace and his total in fantasy is 1.3 points per game with 64.5 points total in 50 games this season, in his last five games one goal and four assists struggling to be average.

Number Three Kirill Marchenko

In 27 NHL games this season, Mr. Marchenko has scored 13 goals, and no assists, he will take a block and hit someone every game, averages 1.7 points per game in fantasy, and has taken only 50 shots on goal, a better overall game is required before acquiring.

Number Four Max Domi

 Mr. Domi in 48 games is averaging 1.5 points a game and earned 74 total fantasy points, he gives a hit or takes a block once every four games and has scored 14 goals with 21 assists there are still waiver wire players that earn more points, go with one of them instead.

Number Five Filip Chytil

A player worth putting on your watch list Mr. Chytil earns 1.8 points per game, will hit and block every game, and is a solid 20-goal scorer in the NHL, and in 41 games he has earned 72 total points, the only drawback is limited ice time.

Number Six Ridly Greig

Unless you have followed Mr. Greig in the WHL and AHL you are not determining in three NHL games if this player would be a positive pick up, in his first NHL game he took 8 SOG and earned an assist, utilize the watch list for now.

Number Seven Kyle Palmieri

Endeavor not to select players over 30 years of age, not that there are not some very productive thirty-something players in the NHL but unfortunately Mr. Palmieri is not one of them, he averages 1.3 points per fantasy game and coming back from injury, old and fragile, steer clear.

Number Eight Samuel Girard

An average NHL second-pairing defenseman Mr. Girard can hit and block with a possible assist every four games, and earning 1.5 fantasy points per game is not going to win any weekly matchups or playoff games, do not select.

Number Nine Daniel Vladar

Mr. Vladar a goaltender for the Calgary Flames a recent Buffalo Winter waiver wire acquisition on the 28th of January a goaltender that has won his last five starts.

In 19 games this season Mr. Vladar has built an 11-4-4 record with a 2.77 GAA and a .904 save percentage for a Calgary team playing for a wild card in the Western Conference, he produces positive fantasy points and could make a difference in the playoffs.

Number Ten Anton Forsberg

Mr. Forsberg runs hot and cold and has won less than half of his starts, an average NHL goalie who mostly remains just above a .900 save percentage but will let in three or four goals consistently, not a fantasy gem by any stretch, leave him on the waiver wire.

Author: Buffalo Winter


2 thoughts on “The NHL Weekly FHL Advice”

  1. Smart move Buffalo Winter. It seems to me that you made the best possible decision picking up Mr. Vladar. The others (imho) seems like mehs or no ways. Two of the player names I didn’t recognize.

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