Dallas Wins

Stars Swerve Series Sweep

DAL 3 – SC2 OT In an incredible effort from both teams the first two periods played produced a combined 53 SOG, four goals (1PP), and two penalties then the third period was blank statistically, with not one penalty or score with the Knights outshooting the Stars 14-8 that created this series third overtime game.

High-sticking penalties are solely the player’s responsibility to be in control of his stick, unintentional or not the call has to be made, unfortunately for the penalized Knights the Stars took advantage and scored the game-winner just a few minutes into the overtime period.

The NHL has the Knights and Stars playing every other day beginning tonight at eight o’clock EST in the gambling and alcohol-soaked vice capital of America whose city limits are surrounded by State legal prostitution, remember to wager and drink responsibly and bring protection.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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