Perfect Panthers

Hurricanes swept out of Florida

FLA 4 – CAR 3 No need for overtime, but it was close, both teams could contend that the other team had scored because of a “non-call”, and Florida sweeps an opponent for the first time in their playoff history.

Scoring in the first minute of play and again halfway through the period Florida appeared to be on their way but Carolina gets one back seven minutes later and both teams finish the period with 9 SOG a piece and a 2-1 score heading into the second period.

Carolina tied the game on a goal that came directly from an offensive player slashing and breaking the stick of the defending player, retrieving and shooting the puck that resulted in the Hurricanes scoring. (non-call)

Florida’s winning goal was reviewed by the NHL and determined there was no goaltender interference, the offensive player did have his stick in between the goalies’ pads but the defending player fell onto and advanced the stick and the goal came after the stick was pulled back. (correct non-call)

Although the Florida-Carolina series was a sweep it was entertaining and interesting with each game not determined until fully played and another broom event could happen in Texas as the Dallas Stars host game four tonight versus the Golden Knights at eight o’clock EST.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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