Set of Four

The final team for Conference Finals

DAL 2 – SEA 1 there were two penalties in the first period with neither team scoring, afterward the officials kept their whistles to themselves in a tightly played affair with low SOG and iron-clanging shots, with the first goal not scored until four minutes left in the second period.

In a series where the winner scored 4 to 7 goals each of the first six games this game seven was an entertaining defensive display with one silky steal at the blue line for a breakaway goal and a rookie sensation beating out an offsides call to score the game-winner.

It was not controversial, it was not a bloodbath, it was not a barn burner and last night was straight up an NHL playoff game seven where no side could claim victory until moments left in the third period, of the last game of this series.

The Conference Finals begin this Thursday with the surprising Panthers visiting a solid Hurricanes team in Carolina with the opening faceoff scheduled for eight o’clock pm EST.

Author: Buffalo Winter


3 thoughts on “Set of Four”

  1. Hi Buffalo Winter, haha I just replied over yonder to you about the remaining four teams. As an aside, is it just my imagination but do there seem to be fewer penalties given in the playoffs?

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    1. It is not your imagination, they call less penalties in the playoffs, you can even hear the announcers say…”that would have been a penalty in the regular season”

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