Down to Five

Oilers stay home as Knights advance

SC 5 – EDM 2 Offense began quickly as both teams scored on their first SOG in under the first 60 seconds of the game then the Oilers took the 2-1 lead a couple of minutes later on their second shot of the game.

The second period belonged to the Knights and Mr. Marchessault’s Natural Hat Trick as Edmonton allowed three goals on 10 SOG prompting a goaltender switch to start the third period which worked as Mr. Campbell stopped all 4 SOG he faced.

Not one of the 12 SOG by Edmonton in the third period found twine and one Happy Net goal to finish the scoring by the Knights to win the game and series.

Dallas hosts Seattle in game seven of their series tonight at 8pm EST.

Author: Buffalo Winter


4 thoughts on “Down to Five”

  1. Maybe the EDM HC should have put Jack Campbell in net from the start of the game. Maybe. Maybe. Hindsight is 20/20 though.

    I almost felt sorry for the Oilers when the obvious Vegas high stick drawing blood on Oiler’s Ekholm didn’t result in a minor or major penalty and I thought the officiating in the Leafs games was poor.

    Today reading the expert’s reaction to the Oilers loss comparing it to the Leafs makes me (to be honest) want to throw up. Oilers won one more game than Leafs in the playoffs and I hear know-it-all Craig Buttons saying Toronto’s was an “epic loss” and gushing all over Edmonton and in the most effusive way describe how they will be able to build on the success they had. Then there was what Bieska was saying. And online the other (in my opinion) supposed expert clowns,just for clicks, spewing their negativity and showing their unconscious (or conscious) biases.

    I read somewhere that the last time a Canadian team won the Stanley Cup was in 1993 (Montreal Canadiens coached by Jacques Demers).

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    1. Ahhhh good ole hindsight, difficult to say, Mr. Skinner played well enough most of the time.

      Each team earned their success, Edmonton with the “greatest player in the game” a scoring machine in Mr. Draisaitl coupled with iffy goaltending contributed to their elimination and not making it the Conference Finals like last season, the only “epic loss” in this season’s playoffs is the greatest team in the NHL regular season getting bounced in the first round, now that is EPIC, imho.

      I had to watch the Canadiens win the Cup each year I was in High School during the 70s and since Montreal won with Mr. Roy in 93 there have been six Cups were Vancouver (2), Calgary, Edmonton, Ottawa, and Montreal just two seasons ago have participated in.

      But it is the fans of the Buffalo Sabres who fret the most, we never won a Cup, only been to the Finals twice in over 50 seasons as we watch newer franchises win Cups, I tell ya it aint easy being a Hockey fan here along the Lake, lol.

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      1. I absolutely agree with you (and likely so will the history books) that the greatest team in the NHL regular season getting bounced in the first round was epic, and then some.

        I just read out to my husband what you shared about the Sabres Playoff history and he tells me that he feels your pain, like I do, and recalls the Sabres losing the Cup on a Brett Hull goal that should not have counted.

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      2. Thank you, they say misery loves company, lol, the one that hurt me most was in 75, as a young teen I felt that loss deeply, the 99 loss with the whole “no goal” debacle that was explained away by Mr. Bettman is now a two dozen years old, but the NHL does what it wants to and favors some over others.

        For example, how could one team “Edmonton” literally win the number one draft pick four times in six years, no way, well no way they were going to let Mr. McDavid come here along the Lake, lol, which in hindsight I am glad he is not here, I like my boys the way they are.

        Nostalgia is derived from Greek meaning the memory of an old wound…I am endeavoring to let some of this go, lol

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