New Jersey bedevils New York

Second Schmid Shutout

NJD 4 – NYR 0, The New Jersey Devils earned home-ice advantage for the opening round and the seven-game series with the New York Rangers was everything fans could hope for as one team for three games crushes the other offensively while the other team for three games suffocates the other defensively.

Game Seven went to HC Ruff and his overall defensive style supported by two shutouts from an AHL/NHL starter/backup goaltender, a defenseman referred to as the “old man”, Mr. Hughes and Mr. Hischier racking up points and the Rangers scoring twice in four of the games.  

Tonight’s opening of the Conference Semi-Finals highlights a strong offensive Toronto team hosting the current surprise of the playoffs in Florida a team that stunned the “greatest regular season NHL team in history”.

The Stars at night are big and bright, (clap, clap, clap) deep in the heart of Texas, or so they sing as Seattle visits Dallas tonight to open the second round as the Conference’s second-seeded team hosts the top Western wild card team.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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