Top Teams Gone

The Bruins and Avalanche are excused

Nothing is etched into ice forever and the greatest team in NHL regular season history just got bounced in the first round of the Stanley Cup Playoffs by the second-seeded wild card team from their Conference.

When the number one team in the entire NHL won game four and took a 3-1 series lead in the opening round of the playoffs only the most maniacal fan could believe that Florida would win three straight and eliminate Boston.

With Boston and Colorado both dropping the puck and not advancing we now for the first time in years have a Stanley Cup that is literally up for grabs, fans and players from each team remaining now have a legitimate reason to believe they can win.

Scoring twice and having one called back for being offsides was not enough Avalanche offense to defeat the two goals that did count for the Kraken and the Panthers literally 60 seconds from elimination tie the game in the third period then win it in overtime.

FLA 4 – BOS 3 OT and SEA 2 – COL 1

One series remains and Game Seven is tonight at eight in New Jersey as the Rangers must win on the road to advance, who will be in the net for the Devils, and can the top guns in New York score five goals?

Author: Buffalo Winter


3 thoughts on “Top Teams Gone”

  1. Buffalo Winter @NHLNetwork has a rather interesting chart showing the last 10 Presidents’ Trophy Winners. If you can, check out the last playoff round each team reached. I shared it this morning on the Island.

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