An Unfortunate End

Two Shutouts and one expulsion

The Winnipeg Jets sadly are done for this season as everything that could go against them did in a game they needed to win, with poor goaltending and little scoring, the Jets found themselves being pushed out of the playoffs.

New Jersey wins at home to take a 3-2 series lead and now goes to New York to eliminate a team that was not supposed to be this close to elimination this soon.  Mr. Schmid who after half a season in the AHL has become a better backup and now with a shutout over the Rangers has solidly become the Devils’ starter.

An odd bounce provided an easy Happy Net goal for a desperate Lightning team that is playing for their very playoff lives, the only knock against the Leafs game last night was the power play came up empty, otherwise a well-played game.

There are four game sixes tonight as the Hurricanes, Bruins, Stars, and unbelievably the Kraken can eliminate their opponents and advance to the second round.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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