How Sweet It Is

Seattle and Florida Win Big

Seattle came out skating hard in the first period taking 15 SOG but the period ended in a scoreless tie, and in the second period both teams score their first goal of the game 80 seconds apart but it was Seattle that scored the all-important second goal two minutes later.

When the Kraken took a two-goal lead 100 seconds into the third period you could just feel that Seattle was on the verge of Hockey History but then the Avalanche pull their goaltender and scored to get within one with 3:37 remaining on the clock.

In an evenly played game where the only advantage won was Colorado in faceoffs and it was Seattle behind the strong play of the Avalanche’s former goalie that seems to be the difference in this series.

Boston was a beast in the regular season demonstrating excellence in all areas of the game…not so much in the playoffs.

It took the Bruins 40 SOG to score three times and it took the Panthers only 17 SOG to score their three goals, it seems the wrong team is boasting about goaltending.

Boston has to win just one more game to advance to the second round and if Florida wins game six at home then both teams only have to win once to advance.

The Jets and Lightning find themselves in the near impossible position of having to win the next three games to extend their seasons, on the other glove both the Maple Leafs and Knights have earned the right to win and advance tonight in front of their fans.

In now what has become an impossible series to call one way or the other New York hosts New Jersey tonight in the important game five.

Author: Buffalo Winter


3 thoughts on “How Sweet It Is”

  1. There is certainly plenty of excitement left in this first round with teams on the verge of having their season end. If the Leafs can take tonight’s game (please, please) that would be more than just a relief. If they do, I’m not sure anymore if I would like to see the Bruins win or Panthers in their series.

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    1. The excitement in the first round, who would have thought? lol

      When the Leafs win tonight it will be…chaotic lunacy in the streets, maybe

      I am sure who I would like to see win and that is Florida beating the obnoxious full of themselves ruins, which is possible since Boston’s best cherry-picker, pasta scored his SECOND goal of the series after popping in over 60 goals in the regular season, and Mr. Ullmark…now you see why my boys let him go, for two of the goals last night he was not even in the blue paint, Go Panthers Go! (this series anyways)

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      1. I’m the only one with Panthers in TR’s Playoff contest, so although I have my own personal less than favourable feelings about some of their players, I am rooting for Florida to beat Boston. Plus while I’d like to see Toronto get revenge on Boston, I’m nervous that we might have a repeat of the year before last year.


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