Avalanche Advance

An exciting elimination game last night in Edmonton with two-goal leads, multiple lead changes, 11 goals, and finally an overtime win.

Nearly four minutes into the game Mr. Makar scores on the power play after Mr. Rantanen checks Mr. Hyman off the puck affording Mr. Lehkonen an opportunity to gather the puck and pass it to Mr. Makar whose shot from way out in the prairies eludes Mr. Smith’s glove. 

The first ten minutes highlight some good hitting and great backchecking by both teams and Colorado’s forecheck is relentless as witnessed on their second penalty kill outshooting Edmonton 3-1.

With 90 seconds remaining Avalanche defenseman Mr. Byram falls into the post and while on the ice Mr. Smith gave him a good shot to the head with the blocker, a whack to the ankle for being in the crease is one thing but this was uncalled for.

The Avalanche take the first seven shots of the second period, hit a post, the announcers contemplating that HC Woodcroft does not trust his depth then the Oilers break through Colorado’s layers of defense and tie the game at one.

Moments after the tying goal Mr. Landeskog inadvertently crashes into the dasher boards with Mr. Kassian after which Mr. Kassian gets up and attacks Mr. Landeskog with a wrestling hold on the ice, Oilers on the power play, and Mr. Kassian received a free shot.  

Mr. Nugent-Hopkins breakaway resulted from a bad pass turnover that he backhanded up and over the blocker enabling Edmonton to score twice on five shots, minutes later Mr. McDavid scored on the power play off the post glove side for the two-goal lead to finish the period. 

The third period was an absolute barn burner with six goals and beginning at 31 seconds in Mr. Toews shoots the puck off of the leg of Mr. Ceci and off Mr. Smith’s glove edge and in the net as both Colorado goals are scored by a defenseman.

Edmonton responded a few minutes later with a 4-on-2 odd-man rush that culminated with Mr. McDavid to Mr. Draisaitle to Mr. Hyman and off of the face mask/cage of Mr. Francouz for the 4-2 lead and the Oilers are skating well.

When Mr. Landeskog was able to score Mr. Smith had a fit and slammed his very flexible goalie stick on the ice in frustration, (it did not break), and the score was not challenged or “looked at” so it was a good goal.

Six and a half minutes remaining in the game when Mr. McKinnon scores a beautiful goal from inside the bottom of the faceoff circle upstairs “where Momma hides the cookies” and the game is tied.

The determined Avalanche score on the power play as they earn three goals on five shots in less than six minutes and the Oilers respond quickly as Mr. Nurse slams/checks Mr. Rantanen to the ice, two passes and a rebound later Mr. Kassian ties the game at five.

We are headed to OVERTIME!

It did not take long, at the 18:41 mark with what has been analyzed as a good goal the initial touch at shoulder height resulted in a shot, not a goal had the puck entered the net it would have been high sticking and no goal.

When it is a SOG a high stick is determined by the height of the player’s shoulder, when a goal is scored a high stick is determined by the height of the crossbar.

When the announcers referred to the most loathed referee Mr. Koharski about this goal while watching the slow-mo replay Mr. Koharski said, “holy sh*t” live on air, classy.

Edmonton played well in game four but Colorado is a beast and swept the Oilers and now await the winner of the Rangers and Lightning series, game four tonight in NYC with the Rangers holding a 2-1 series lead.

Author: Buffalo Winter


9 thoughts on “Avalanche Advance”

    1. Incorrect Sir,

      the rule as explained: high stick measured by players shoulders if it is a SOG which it was, goals are measured by the height of the crossbar for high sticking, the initial touch not higher than the player’s shoulder, therefore the good goal

      Two channels, tonight is ESPN and I watched TNT for the Avs Oilers series

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      1. Here is a better view and the call after the officials reviewed it

        when Mr. Lehkonen touched the puck with his stick shoulder height it was a SOG not a goal so it was not high sticking, if it was a goal then the crossbar height would have indicated high sticking

        as far as the vulgar koho is concerned, ESPN should get a more personable retired official for penalty analysis

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      2. yes to CBC but not in high def, looks smaller and unclear

        ESPN and TNT are part of my cable package

        3-0 now, off to sleep, later, lol

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  1. CBC is HD 790P Dolby Surround 16:9 OTA. Just put up a cheap antenna.

    As for the goal, I’m not certain I understand you, and I fear you do not either, but a high stick is a high stick whether the original shot was toward the net or the boards. When the puck is high-sticked, the play is considered dead and is whistled dead when the puck goes out of play (in the net, over the boards), is touched by a shooting team member, or strikes an official. The ONLY TIME THE PLAY IS NOT WHISTLED DEAD, is if the defending team gains control. A high stick is considered a high stick when the puck is played above the high-stickers shoulder. For the purposes of a goal (deflection, batted out of the air), the rule is more extreme with the height restriction being set at the crossbar of the net.

    I suspect you are unaware of the rules of hockey; when Lehkonen shot the puck in the net, it should have already been whistled dead as Lehkonen touched the puck above Lehkonen’s shoulders, as the video clearly shows.

    You may argue the puck was not over Lehkonen’s shoulders, but one may not argue WITH THE RULES OF THE GAME. Your comment about the high-sticking not being a SOG is unfathomable.

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