Lightning in a Bottle

Three attempts in the regular season and two in the playoffs before Tampa Bay finally beat the Rangers, but only after taking 52 SOG, scoring twice on the power play, outhitting New York, and fortunately with 41.6 seconds remaining Mr. Palat scoring and saving the day.

Mr. Messier commented on Mr. Miller’s fine play

The first period was not one to brag about as ESPN commentator Mr. Chelios stated that he did not say Tampa had a good first period, but that they were sloppy and had a better second period.

goony perry

As Mr. Zibanejad sat in the penalty box, gooney perry hits Mr. Shesterkin in the face to receive a “slashing” penalty, and 59 seconds later the “Z-man” is out of the penalty box and scoring the game’s first score for his 10th and 6th power-play goal.

Continuing their broad street bullies/charlestown chiefs style of play less than two minutes after goony perry’s penalty Mr. Nash goons it up by running Mr. Shesterkin to earn an “interference” penalty that afforded New York to go up 2-0 on the power play.

The game was all New York with the Rangers scoring two power play goals 127 seconds apart for the 2-0 lead halfway through the period, but 66 seconds later a shot Mr. Shesterkin should of stopped gave the Lighting their first goal of the game.

Ecstatic Fans

Finally one last belligerent takes the ice at the end of the period as pat MaGoon maroon whose stat line highlights six hits and one giveaway while playing almost nine minutes for the whole game goes after Mr. Zibanejad.

The third period looks positive for New York sporting a 7-1 record leading after two periods and not having lost to Tampa Bay even once all season long but in under three minutes to start the period the Lightning ties the game on the power play.

Five minutes later Mr. McDonagh pushes Mr. Vatrano into Mr. Vasilevskiy with no space to skate away and Mr. Vatrano gets penalized unbelievably for goaltender interference but this does not work for the Lightning as the Rangers penalty killers are blocking shots and clearing the zone.

Two times Cup champion with Tampa Bay Mr. Goodrow now with New York had such a severe ankle shot block that it required going to the locker room, but he returned, but who did not return after a cross-check to the lower back was Mr. Strome.

Before the 10-minute mark of the third-period elbows are flying and Tampa high sticking is not being called, then Mr. Kucherov receives his comeuppance with a four-minute double high sticking minor penalty after putting “the lumber” to none other than in the face of Mr. Zibanejad.

Mr. Trouba is called for his third minor penalty of the game, some 4-on-4 hockey, all the goals are a power play, and the announcer referred to goony perry as the most gifted offensive player on the ice during the 4-on-4 which made me spit my beer through my nose.

New York and Tampa Bay are heading into overtime but Mr. Palat scores with only 41.6 seconds remaining to save the Lightning’s bacon with a 3-2 Conference Final home-opening win.

Edmonton hosts Colorado for game four tonight at eight o’clock and with the Oilers’ firepower they should be able to win this last home game to prevent the Avalanche from sweeping them out of the playoffs.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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    1. LOL, I can relate, I was cutting the grass and missed the first period forgetting it was an afternoon game


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