Rangers Running the Show

In a seven-game series, the home team is expected to win the first two games and New York did just that and now Tampa Bay will play two incredible games at home to tie the series, in most playoff scenarios that would probably happen.

Tampa Bay could only score on Mr. Shesterkin when gifted a power-play opportunity at the beginning of the game and after pulling their goalie for the extra man with only a few minutes remaining while down by two.

Less than three minutes into the game Mr. Reaves and Mr. Maroon were “jostling” before a center ice faceoff when the Rangers player assessed a minor penalty but not the Lightning player, commentators Mr. Messier and Mr. Chelios explained why the call should have been different.

This power play affords Tampa Bay to score the first goal of the game fortunately for New York they were able to get that one back a few minutes later to tie the game.

With a few minutes remaining in the first period, Mr. LaFreniere rings a shot off the post and the Rangers maintain possession and Mr. Fox makes a pass through two Lightning defenders to Mr. Kaapo Kakko (pronounced…” Cup A Cocoa”) who scores New York’s second goal of the game.

The second period had an entire game’s worth of SOG and ironically no goals were scored in a tight one-goal game.

As the third period begins to wind down Mr. Kucherov takes the puck off the dashboards and blindly throws it out of the zone where it hits a Rangers player in the skate creating an odd-man rush.

The Rangers Mr. Fox passes to Mr. Zibanejad shooting from the top of the faceoff circle absolutely blows it past Mr. Vasilevskiy blocker side for the 3-1 lead.

Just when you thought it was over HC Cooper with a few minutes remaining and down by two goals pulls the goalie and with 2:02 remaining and things became more interesting as Tampa Bay scored with the extra skater.

Shots going wide, blocking Rangers, scrambling in front of the net and final seconds puck possession is all New York for the 3-2 final and the 2-0 games lead in the series and a daunting two games in Tampa Bay next.

Tonight the Edmonton Oilers in Rogers Place should be firing on all cylinders for games three and four if they want to make a series of this Western Conference Final, they have the necessary firepower that can and must score often for the Oilers to come out on top.  

Author: Buffalo Winter


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