Avalanche Blankets Edmonton

During the first period of game two, Edmonton hung skate to skate with Colorado as each team finished with double-digit SOG and each goaltender prevented any scoring but then the Oilers only take 11 SOG over the next 40 minutes.

In less than three minutes early in the second period Colorado scores three times, the first goal happens because of poor passing by the Oilers which led to a terrific eye-hand tip to the right of Mr. Smith, cannot blame the goaltender for that score.   

The second goal was scored 15 seconds later by Mr. Manson over Mr. Smith’s left pad and the Avalanche were skating hard with a solid forecheck, two smart passes and a 86 mph / 138.404 km shot from the Colorado defenseman for the 2-0 score.

In just over two minutes Mr. Kadri records three assists as Colorado scores for the third time on a three-on-one called a two-on-one by the announcer and another shot goes over Mr. Smith’s pad and under the blocker.

The situation was not dire, with approximately 14 minutes remaining in the period, the third yet to be played, and the Oilers offensive firepower as good as they are could overcome this deficit, but you have to take more than six or five SOG for the period to be successful.  

Having two dozen shots thrown his way, Mr. Francouz (reverently referred to as “Frankie” from the crowd) records his first shutout of the 2022 playoffs and now sits on the bench with Mr. Roy as the only goaltenders to record a shutout for Colorado in the Conference Finals.  

The excitement continues in NYC as the Rangers host the defending two-time Stanley Cup champions for game two of the Eastern Conference Finals, opening faceoff at approximately eight o’clock this evening in Madison Square Garden.

Author: Buffalo Winter


2 thoughts on “Avalanche Blankets Edmonton”

  1. I wonder if Kuemper will be in net for the third game tomorrow even though “Frankie” had proven his worth last night with his shutout. The Rangers vs Lightning game tonight in which Lightning have to play catch up should be striking.

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    1. I still have not read a recent update about Mr. Kuemper,

      lol, tampa bay will be endeavoring to catch lightning in a bottle tonight

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