One Team Less

What about Bob? And the Knights are golden

FLA 3 – TOR 2 OT Toronto scored twice in each of their five games versus Florida which was not enough to move on as two-time Vezina Trophy winner Mr. Bobrovsky played the way the Panthers have expected him to since arriving from Columbus.

Toronto’s heart and effort were there as the Maple Leafs outshot, outhit, out-blocked, and won most of the faceoffs during this series, but a “hot” goaltender on a run in the playoffs can take their team far.

SC 4 EDM 3 The Oilers scored three times on the power play but it was the two scored against them that the Knights put in and built a two-goal lead with heading into the third period.

There was only one misconduct issued in this contest as there were 11 penalties on the board between these two belligerents and the Knights first goal highlighted how goaltender interference is negated if it is “outside” the blue paint.

Saturday Night Hockey

The Kraken must win at home tonight to force game seven in Texas as the Dallas Stars take a 3-2 series lead into climate facade arena to eliminate the Seattle Kraken in game six at 7pm EST.

Author: Buffalo Winter


2 thoughts on “One Team Less”

  1. Sometimes it seems hopeless watching the NHL because there is so much out of the hands of the players and coach, namely the wildly unpredictable and frustrating lack of consistency and logic in the minds of officials. I cannot begin to tell you, Buffalo Winter, how upset I was last night continuing into today regarding the too many to count instances of poor referring in last night’s Leafs game (I didn’t watch the Oilers game). From the missed elbow to Mitch’s skull, the OTG penalty call, the no call on Gudas for holding Calle’s stick before the OT goal, and of course as you rightly point out, the no goal call as a result of the BS “Rule 78.5(xii)” used. For goodness sake, numerous video angles available indeed substantiated that the puck crossing the red line and that the rule allows for the play to be stopped without the referee even having blown his whistle means that we all have to be able to be mindreaders. The fact that the Situation Room didn’t overturn the call did not surprise me but it was disappointing considering what was evident even before social media started posting its onslaught of proof. I really wish there was some recourse after the game. There is NHL Player Safety that can hold hearings and hand down disciplinary action after games, however, there are no open accountability measures for the performance of hockey officials.

    Last night I wrote that the Toronto Maple Leafs won in regulation and I still stand by it. As a result, in general and overall I see no acceptable reason to obliterate this team for next season. I might consider a HC change but certainly not the General Manager or even higher echelon. There are 10 Leaf players who will be UFA’s which should help make the offseason interesting.

    The fact that Toronto outlasted Boston, Colorado, Tampa Bay and New York (2) makes me feel at least an itty bit better.

    There is likely more that I would like to say about the game and season but I will end with this:

    Thank you so much Buffalo Winter for your coverage of the Leafs and all the other teams in the regular season and playoffs (which I know are technically not yet over) and thank you for your keen observations, graphics and, as always, your positivity, your common sense, and your willingness to impart your knowledge. Have a great summer and all my best to you and your family.

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    1. Hopeless, sure I can relate, no goal in 99 is one most fans remember but I can recollect many instances of officials mishandling…everything from missed calls/no calls, penalties that make no sense, calling it one way and then another, quite frankly I am not understanding how they can be so…so…poor at officiating.

      Mr. Rielly scored, and that means TO won 3-2, and I agree maybe a coaching change.

      Well no one enjoys the failures of others…mostly, the greatest regular season team in NHL history bounced in the first round.

      Your very welcome P_g, I am enjoying the Spring weather now and look forward to Summer, thank you and from me and my family Happy Summer!


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