Home Teams Win

Road teams crushed by four and five-goal margins and one OT

NJD 8 – CAR 4 The Hartford Whalers franchise was accepted into the NHL eventually settling in North Carolina once had eight goals against in the playoffs during the 1980 playoffs, it took 43 seasons for it to happen again.

Incredibly the Hurricanes score three SHG with one on a penalty shot and the Devils’ Luke Hughes in his NHL debut earned two assists with all three goaltenders that played in this game producing subpar performances.

FLA 3 – TOR 2 OT Florida’s Mr. Reinhart put forth an outstanding individual effort in overtime to push the Maple Leafs to the brink of elimination.

The Maple Leafs were at 61% faceoff percentage with a dozen more blocked shots and only four less SOG in regulation than Florida, yet the offensive players Toronto counts on, Mr. Matthews, Mr. Marner, and Mr. Nylander combined for one assist in this disappointing loss.

SEA 7 – DAL 2 During the second period the Stars launched 17 SOG at the Kraken’s Mr. Grubauer and he let one past him as Seattle took eight SOG and managed to score five times.

Seven different Seattle players scored a goal and Dallas had 14 different players on the ice earning a -1 to -3 for their plus/minus statistic with both Stars goalies playing in the .700 save percentage range.

A split affords the Oilers an opportunity to take charge of the series with the Golden Knights tonight with a win at home in game three.

Author: Buffalo Winter


9 thoughts on “Home Teams Win”

  1. Yes indeed disappointing. There was no excuse for that Leafs loss. A combination of lacklustre effort and poor coaching, imho, contributed to their failure to come out on top last night. These close scoring games vs Panthers should have, could have gone in our favour. Wonder if Keefe will put Murray in the next game. Like I’ve said elsewhere, I don’t put any blame on the General Manager. He handed the coach a team on a gold plate. Problem is they got devoured by the Panthers.

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    1. I see so much talent and skilled players, maybe it is coaching, what kind would you like to see in Toronto?

      One similar to HC Tortorella and HC Keenan or perhaps like in Vancouver with a veteran player still young enough to lead them to a championship, I feel fortunate that this young corps here along the Lake have HC Granato, a patient teacher who won a championship as a player.

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      1. For awhile I thought it would be good to have Mr. Boudreau as HC if Keefe were ever to leave or be forced out. I honestly wonder if he’s been biding his time and waiting in the wings for this time to arrive. I’m not certain Torts is the answer based on the personalities of the players we have now. I keep asking myself are our players being coddled by Keefe? That’s what some fans assert. Some seem to feel Joel Quenneville could be the answer but I’m not so comfortable with that happening. Glad I don’t have to make the decisions!

        Buffao Winter, I’m happy to hear you feel fortunate with your team’s HC.

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      2. HC Tortorella probably would not work out in Toronto, lol

        Is HC Keefe a coddler?

        As far as quenneville is concerned, he is not to be trusted, Mr. Bettman was quoted as saying that if “he” wanted to return to the NHL there would have to be a meeting first on the conditions of employment before any hiring could take place.

        Thank you, I appreciate HC Granato, his patience and teaching have gone a long way in the development of our team here along the Lake, imho.

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      3. That term coddle is coming up on social media (Twitter) by those who are (sadly) ready to blast the team into smithereens.


      4. Here’s another thought. What about the possibility of Hailey Wickenheiser being moved up in the Toronto organization?

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  2. Despite the fact that I have been following the game closely for far less time than the rest of you, I feel that I now know what it’s like to be a suffering Leafs fan.

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    1. Toronto has a rich history filled with Cups, I have been longing for an NHL championship here along the lake since 70…I hope to live long enough to see one, lol

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