Stars Shine Leafs Fall

Dallas ties their series, and Toronto is down by two

FLA 3 – TOR 2, During last night’s games one team scored twice in five minutes while the other team scored two goals in one minute.

Florida’s Mr. Reinhart made a difficult behind-the-back pass from behind Toronto’s net to set up a Panther linemate for their first goal in the first period which was the difference in this game.

DAL 4 – SEA 2, Mr. Pavelski scores only once and it is the game’s only power-play goal as his teammates score the other three tallies, the Stars won nearly every faceoff, and Mr. “HOT” Oettinger allowed one goal all game until there were less than four minutes.

Friday night’s matchup between New Jersey and Carolina is game two of their series with the Hurricanes attempting to increase their series lead.

Author: Buffalo Winter


2 thoughts on “Stars Shine Leafs Fall”

  1. Had Bunting done what Bennett did to Knies, he would have been handed a multi game suspension by Player Safety. What Bennett did to Bunts also deserved a hearing. By choosing not to pursue either, the Department essentially condones such behaviour and dollars to donuts Bennett will push the envelope again in the next matchup. Player Safety is a misnomer. Bunch of yahoos.

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    1. Highlighting the need for more uniform officiating, for me, player safety is like officiating, sometimes they get it correct

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