The first Two Are Over

The Hurricanes and Rangers are Undefeated

Toronto took it to the Lightning as their top players scored at will on the power-play and at even strength enabling the Leafs to take back control of this series with a convincing victory as Tampa Bay had no answers, no goaltending, and no offense. TOR 7 – TB 2

Every square inch is fan filled

New Jersey after scoring first on the power-play and winning most face-offs, took 14 penalties, their goaltender only posted a .818 save percentage, and Mr. Hughes was held pointless while taking six shots and giving the puck away four times, all of which contribute to their loss. NYR 5 – NJD 1

Big Daddy Kane 1 G 2 A

Seattle had it in the palm of their gloves up 2-0 after the first period but Colorado highlighted why they are the defending Stanley Cup Champions by taking more shots, winning more face-offs, hitting and blocking more, and coming from behind. COL 3 – SEA 2

Mr. Nichushkin ties the game at two with his first of the playoffs

Winnipeg dropped game two in sin city, but not until after they scored on the power play building a 1-0 lead in the first period that had the denizens contemplating the worst as the Knights eventually outshot and outscored the Jets in the third period for the win. LV 5 – WIN 2

Jackie Vegas celebrating his first with his fans

Time for the Kings, Wild, and Panthers to take full advantage of their earned home-ice advantage tonight while the Islanders must prove they belong and can beat Carolina in games three and four in New York.

Author: Buffalo Winter


2 thoughts on “The first Two Are Over”

  1. I remember how squishy it is in Maple Leafs Square and if you have to go to the washroom, it’s a big deal to meander your way out of the pack. I remember being down there in cold weeather and when it was raining. It was well worth it! “Every square inch” good play on words, Buffalo Winter. 🙂

    Wow. Devils took 14 penalties? Is that a PO record?

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    1. It looked jammed packed with fans, when I was a young man I enjoyed the crowds, and atmosphere, of art festivals, concerts, and sporting events.

      I do not believe New Jersey set an NHL PO record, but after a quick look it seems Montreal had the most in the finals as recent as 1986, something for me to research.

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