2023 Stanley Cup Opening Games (part deux)

Mr. Hughes scores on a Penalty Shot

High expectations in New Jersey were quickly brought back down to ice level as New York put forth an experienced workman-like effort and by the time Big Daddy Kane earned his secondary assist on the Rangers’ fourth goal and the 4-0 lead, the Devils were toast. Rangers 5 – Devils 1

Grubauer’s Revenge

The Seattle Kraken’s first Stanley Cup playoff game is a victory on the road versus the defending Cup Champions behind Grubauer’s Revenge, Colorado won a Cup with him and discarded him and in just two seasons he has come back to haunt them. Kraken 3 – Avalanche 1

Oh nooo…

Anticipation and hype previewed Jackie Vegas in his first Stanley Cup playoff game but disappointment and horror prevailed as sin city gets demolished at home by the Jets with Mr. Eichel blanking offensively as well as being on the ice for three of the Jets’ first four goals. Jets 5 – Knights 1

Mr. Nylander scores to make it a one-goal game

In a herculean effort Toronto withstood an onslaught of eight penalties, brought the game within one goal, top players began to produce, were better during face-offs, and out-hit Tampa Bay, but rarely can a team overcome penalty after penalty seemingly all night long. Lightning 7 – Leafs 3

Game two tonight for the initial four first-round matchups, can Florida, New York, Dallas, and Edmonton recover to split their series?

Author: Buffalo Winter


2 thoughts on “2023 Stanley Cup Opening Games (part deux)”

  1. I greatly appreciate a summary of the night’s games like given in this format. It’s way better than anything I can find elsewhere. In one quick read, I get a feeling for each game and the final scores. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, your writing is very good. It is aptly descriptive and very easy to follow. Thank you Buffalo Winter.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thank you P_g,

      I have discovered that most sites do not want game recaps/summaries submitted, so I am endeavoring a new way to write the same old thing, I am gladdened to read not all my efforts are in vain, lol.


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