Craig Anderson

20 Season NHL Veteran

When the Sabres made the NHL Conference Finals for the second consecutive season in 2006-2007 Mr. Anderson was having a stellar career in Rochester winning 23 out of 34 games for the Americans in the AHL.

Classic Goaltender

A decade and a half later Mr. Anderson is minding the nets in Buffalo for his final two seasons where his Experience, Leadership, Mentorship, and Positive Locker Room Influence assisted HC Granato in not only winning games but the development of our young corps into a team.

Rochester, Chicago, Florida, Colorado, and Washington

Playing for six NHL teams over 20 seasons would qualify one as a “journeyman” but Mr. Anderson will be remembered mostly as an Ottawa Senators player who was their goaltender for 40 playoff games earning their fan’s hope and eventual heartbreak.

Respected and Admired

When Hockey History records the final games of this edition of Buffalo Sabres and their successes they will read about the initial teams that were the youngest team with the oldest active player in the NHL and how they grew into “a real team”.

Here along the Lake Mr. Anderson’s contributions to our future success are greatly appreciated and he will always be remembered positively.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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