Seven Reasons Sabres Require Goaltending

Number one:    Last night’s .720 save percentage on 25 shots is unacceptable.

Number two:    Recently having 10 goals scored against.

Number three:  Continuously blaming the team for leaving the goalie out to dry.

Number four:    Endeavoring to develop backup goaltenders into starters.

Number five through seven:   Mr. Levi is here.

To be a goaltender in the NHL is a thankless double-edged sword that can ruin you emotionally as well as physically.

The personalities that have guarded the nets over the past Century in the NHL are wide and varied as they have been entertaining and even a bit odd.

From stuck-up to friendly, from puking to eating popcorn before a game, the superstitions and routines are brought more sharply into focus with goaltenders than the ones practiced by defensemen and forwards.

HC Granato has his team playing well that has grown into three to seven games over 500 percent in the standings a huge improvement over recent seasons and with the slim glimmer of a wild card playoff seeding teasing Buffalo, patience is still required.

Buffalo has watched Mr. Barrasso leave and win Cups, watched Mr. Hasek leave and win Cups, watched St Louis “take” Mr. Miller, watched Mr. Lehner leave and do well, watching Mr. Ullmark after leaving marching to the Cup with his new team.

Will Mr. Levi be Buffalo’s answer in net?

 It is possible with HC Granato, Mr. Anderson, a solid young corps that want to be here along the Lake, a good team learning and growing into a playoff contender, almost the perfect opportunity for this young goaltender to be part of this team.

The season is not over and it will take a herculean effort to overcome and go forward positively from this recent home game, fortunately, we have the team and personnel to do it.

Author: Buffalo Winter


2 thoughts on “Seven Reasons Sabres Require Goaltending”

  1. An honest appraisal. Being a goalie must be one of the lonelinest positions in the game and it is no wonder, imho, that many seem to play mind games with themselves and suffer for it. Several NHL goalies come to my mind. As an aside, I think that bottom photo of Devon Levi makes him look like the Incredible Hulk. Must be all the pads underneath.

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