How many 10 or more goal losses have the Sabres endured?

With this recent drubbing Buffalo infamously earned their fourth in 52 NHL Seasons with the last three games having an identical 4-10 score.

1970-11-07 The first double-digit loss was an eventual probability for a team playing in only its sixth week of regular NHL season play in the Forum versus the eventual Cup Champion.

Initial Sabres Mr. Schmautz and Mr. Goyette

The second loss was to a powerful Calgary team that tagged Mr. Barrasso for 7 goals where he was in net for Buffalo for only 10 games that season before he left for Pittsburgh and Mr. Cloutier in relief was even more terrible with a .625 save percentage.

1988-03-12, Lost 4-10 versus the Flames who won the Cup in their next season, the Sabres scored the game’s first four goals all in the first period, then Calgary scored 10 consecutive goals 5 each in the second and third periods.

Local Station sponsored schedule

2005-11-02, Lost 4-10 versus Ottawa this was an early season lesson that saw the Sabres in the second round of the playoffs dispatch the Senators in 5 games.

Playoffs matter

2023-03-09, Lost 4-10 versus Dallas it was 3-5 early in the third period when the Stars score 4 times in 3 minutes and 3 seconds for the 3-9 lead before notching the final tally.

Mr. Greenway scores his first goal for Buffalo.

Historically as fans, we can console ourselves that three out of the four losses were to eventual Cup Champions, with the third double-digit loss resulting in a powerful lesson that propelled us over our opponent in the playoffs.

Author: Buffalo Winter


3 thoughts on “How many 10 or more goal losses have the Sabres endured?”

  1. I have to hand it to you, Buffalo Winter, for having taken the bull by the horns and writing about the 10 or more goal losses. At least there’s comfort in knowing that these kinds of losses were widely spread out and without a doubt that Sabres aren’t the only NHL team to have “endured” such drubbings (my new word today, thanks to you!).

    10-4 … Over and Out. 🙂

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    1. It was a bit of a challenge to write something positive after this recent loss.

      It is always good to build your vocabulary, lol.

      I told my wife you wrote, 10-4…Over and Out, she laughed

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      1. Haha Buffalo Winter I am very glad to hear that it gave her a chuckle. You can also let her know, if you want, that when I wrote it that I was reminded of the old classic country truck driving hit song “Convoy” which, interestingly, went to number one in Canada back in the day. There’s a bit of trivia. Btw, fyi, yesterday was Harry’s birthday in case you would like to post something to him at the island, and this week I’m splitting up Mr. Friedman’s longwinded piece into Part 1 and Part 2 i.e. two separate threads. Thank Goodness, Buffalo Winter, your hockey writing is not long and winding like his.

        Good luck today playing the Rangers. Go Sabres!

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