Prompt Overtime Triumph

A packed arena last night downtown Buffalo honored former goaltender Ryan Miller with raucous approval as his number was raised to the rafters.

Mr. Ray during the pregame interview with Sabres long-time equipment manager and South Buffalo native Mr. Robert “Rip” Simonick talked about Mr. Miller and his adherence to the use of “Legal” goaltending equipment a real stickler they both noted.

Can you spot the “we’re not worthy” bow

Mr. Biron who had backed-up Mr. Miller told us how although Mr. Miller would strictly use only legal goaltending equipment he also used loopholes, for example, if the rules did not forbid a piece of equipment or modification or even wearing it differently Mr. Miller was all for it.

This explanation of Mr. Miller’s equipment usage prompted Mr. Biron to use the quote, “If you ain’t cheating, you ain’t trying”.

Happy fans

Noticeably in attendance were the Sabres owner and the NHL Commissioner in an open suite/box enjoying the game and as Mr. Bettman was interviewed in between periods he mentioned how Mr. Miller assists the NHL Hockey Operations Department pertaining to goaltender equipment.

The game begins with Mr. Krebs winning the opening faceoff, and the Sabres outshoot the Islanders 18 to 5 even with a delayed penalty and power play Buffalo comes out of the first period down 0-1.

Mr. Tuch scores his 22nd

In the second period, Mr. Tuch scored to tie the game at one along with Mr. Dahlin the Sabres leader in PIMs receiving another penalty to add to his collection and with 90 seconds remaining in the period the Islanders scored to take the 1-2 lead.

The 19th goal for Victor

Nearly halfway through the third period, Mr. Olofsson scores his 19th to tie the game at two and as regulation ends the Sabres have massively outshot the Islanders with Mr. Cozens’s herculean efforts and breakaway score just 12 seconds into overtime the Sabres win dramatically.

The Workhorse from Whitehorse gets it done

It is going to be like shooting ducks in a barrel as Buffalo hosts Anaheim at 12:30 this coming Saturday afternoon here along the Lake.

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