From the East Coast to the Western shores the NHL scheduled three games last night and the fans were out in force.

A Proud Winnipegger halfway through a 4-1 enjoyable road victory amidst disappointed Penguins fans in Pittsburgh.

In Anaheim, the fired-up fans brought a John Lennon doppelganger to pray for victory.

The Ducks had cheerleaders throughout the arena.

All for naught as Matthew Broderick took time off from his busy schedule filming the re-make of “War Games” to cheer on New Jersey downstate from a set location in Hollywood.

Yes, Miss Warwick Edmonton fans like Daniel Craig do know the way to San Jose.

And they are fired up about being there.

Tonight the Sabres visit the Predators at eight o’clock and will be wearing their Reverse Retro sweaters.

Author: Buffalo Winter


2 thoughts on “FANDEMONDIUM”

  1. Well done Buffalo Winter. Congrats on your team’s 5-3 over the Preds last night. This was another good entry to read and fun. What was also fun for me was seeing that there was a Leafs Dads road trip this week.

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    1. Thank you Paper Girl,

      I was attempting something different with more graphics and images with less text, and I am glad to read it went over well.

      A Dad’s road trip? Too Cool, I appreciate those even though I am not related to anyone, lol

      Liked by 1 person

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