Captain Okposo Leading The Way

Scoring and Smiling

Last night’s 6-3 victory over the visiting Red Wings highlights how far the Sabres young corps of players have come in learning, earning experience, and developing into a solid winning team.

Mr. Krebs provides powerful forechecking

It appeared that most of the 19,070 seats were filled with Hockey fans in a game that meant a little bit more after the blizzard we endured at times tragically here along the Lake this past week.

Mr. Skinner scores his 17th of the year

One NHL slogan today is, “no lead is safe”, as witnessed by Detroit’s four-goal deficit comeback versus Pittsburgh the night before fueling hope for the Red Wings as Detroit snapped three quick goals in less than five minutes in the first half of the third period.

As HC Granato and some players pointed out in post-game interviews they are getting better at holding leads and on a night when Mr. Thompson, Mr. Tuch, and Mr. Dahlin are held off the score sheet there was production across the board.

Mr. Mittlestadt notched his second goal of the night

Detroit owned the third period with three goals and 17 SOG but came up far short as they were penalized a couple of minutes after their third score and that seemed to cool things off but they pulled the goalie with 4:55 remaining.

Mr. Luukkonen held on to the puck at the 4:11 mark and after the face off Buffalo iced the puck at 3:55 Commentator Mr. Ray remarked it was good icing and that the team just needs to be patient.


Sure enough, 18 seconds later Captain Okposo completes his hat trick with a happy net goal, and it’s hats off for the Captain, a five-game winning streak, second highest scoring team, and the second-best power play in the NHL.

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    1. The Philadelphia game was rescheduled for next month but they have not created a date for our other postponed game with Columbus as of yet.

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