To begin the NHL season we have the first of two Global Series games between Nashville and San Jose at 2 o’clock EST this afternoon which creates a nine-day fantasy week for the first weekly matchup in the ESPN FHL 21-week season.

Not every FHL team manager will have a player or players from these two teams Buffalo Winter’s drafted team did not include any so before the season begins a player was put on IR (injured reserve) and dropping a goaltender was to create room for Nashville/New Jersey defensemen.  

Currently, there are FHL team managers that could organize their roster by transferring a player who is O (out) with injury to the IR list affording the team a roster spot to fill by selecting from the general pool of players or their “watch list”.

Players that are DTD (day-to-day) need to be placed on the bench even if their team is not in action today, taking the time each day to manage your roster as an FHL team manager will provide a more successful FHL team.

The NHL fun and excitement begins this afternoon and the long journey of a 21-week FHL season is upon us so remember to put aside a bit of time each day to manage your team and you could find yourself battling for FHL supremacy.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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