ESPN FHL 2022-23

As October and the NHL season approaches, Fantasy Hockey Drafts are being conducted across the globe so get your player lists in order and do not solely rely on last season’s statistics, remember either on an ESPN team/league or with a family/friends league endeavor to enjoy yourself.

Buffalo Winter draft selections

This year Buffalo Winter has joined the ESPN FHL on the 10-team Buffalo Pro H2H Points League and the 21-week season weekly matchups begin Oct 7 – 16 with the last weekly matchup on Mar 6 – 12.

There are numerous players on the waiver wire that could become more beneficial than the players currently on your roster for example providing an opportunity to line stack, and peruse the waiver list each day to ensure you have the best available players to you.

Buffalo Pro H2H Points League

The FHL season is just over five months long, a tough haul for anyone but if you are able to put some time and effort into your team each day you may find yourself competing in the playoffs for the championship.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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