Prospect Challenge Tournament


The opening game showcased four first-round selections with the Number 1 draft pick Mr. Juraj Slafkovsky and the 26th overall Mr. Filip Mesar for Montreal and skating for Buffalo 9th overall Mr. Matt Savoie with Mr. Isak Rosen 14th overall from last season’s draft.

Interestingly there is a “non-roster” invitee Mr. Tomas Suchanek scheduled to play in relief of Rochester Americans goalie Mr. Beck Warm for the Sabres, and Montreal’s Mr. Slafkovsky becomes the fourth Number 1 pick to participate in the Prospects Challenge tournament’s seven-year history.  

Montreal came out flying creating multiple 3-on-1 odd-man rushes and Buffalo responded by playing aggressively offensively creating speedy developing plays the announcers/analysts Mr. Ray and Mr. Biron made note that style of Hockey will catch up to you.

Mr. Passolt

Four goals were tallied in the First Period of play as Buffalo scored twice in 27 seconds in their response to Montreal’s two-goal lead that the Canadiens built with an even-strength and short-handed goal.

Less than two minutes into the Second Period seventh-round draft pick Mr. Kozak scores with a deflection for the Sabres first lead of the contest 3-2 as Mr. Ray talks about this opportunity for the undrafted players as they push the drafted players.

Six minutes into the Third Period Mr. Kozak scores short-handed for his second goal of the evening and Buffalo has a comfortable two-goal lead until Montreal’s Mr. Beck splits the Sabres defensemen to go in alone and score to pull Montreal within one.

Mr. Kozak

The period is more physical than the first two periods as there is plenty of grabbing, holding, and no icing as the officials let the game play on, behind the Sabres bench the HC for the Rochester Americans Mr. Seth Appert continues yelling at the officials for non-calls.

With six minutes remaining there is even a fight and a Montreal Time Out called with 20.5 seconds on the clock then icing with 9.3 seconds left, a face-off, a shot, and an NHL-quality shot block by Sabres, Mr. Rosen, to end the game at 4-3.   


Day Two of the Prospect Challenge begins this afternoon at 3:30 as Boston and Ottawa face off followed by Montreal versus New Jersey at seven o’clock this evening with Buffalo returning to action tomorrow night to play New Jersey.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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