Newest Sabres Third Sweater

In 1996 most of us were shocked at the Buffalo Sabres new colors, logo, and sweater, but HC Nolan explained how a white bison is a symbol of good fortune, and indeed it was as the Sabres finished first in the 1997 Northeast Division.

Buffalo’s End of the Century Stanley Cup Finals appearance in ‘99 and two more solid seasons of making it to the Conference Finals in 2005 and 2006 highlighted a few good seasons while sporting the white bison head logo/sweater during the 10 seasons the sweater was employed.

The Buffalo Sabres are going to wear a new black and red third sweater for 12 contests during the upcoming season beginning in November through April which includes a redesigned white bison head logo.  

The differences in the white bison logos begin with the Buffalo Sabres using one less color as the retro bison head logo utilized two grays, with colors of red, black, and white while the modern version although similar uses only one gray.

When Mr. Tuch a Sabres fan in his youth was shown the new third logo/sweater video he reminisced about, “All the posters up in my room…Dominik Hasek, Ryan Miller a couple of goalies…Maxim Afinogenov, Tim Connolly guys like that.”

Buffalo scheduled 12 Home Games to sport the third sweater with the first appearance Wednesday, November 23rd versus St. Louis on ‘90s Night, and the 12th third sweater donning will be on the final game of the season against Ottawa on Fan Appreciation Night Thursday, April 13th.

Looking forward to seeing the newest Sabres third sweater.

Author: Buffalo Winter


2 thoughts on “Newest Sabres Third Sweater”

    1. Thank you Paper_girl,

      It did show up, and I did get “a kick” out of it, before I pressed the play arrow I thought it looked like a goal lamp

      “goathead”…I wish they would stop referring to the white bison head as that, bad enough the other logo has been anointed “the slug”, lol

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