Prospects Challenge 2022

The City of Buffalo will host the Seventh Annual Prospects Challenge at the LECOM Harborcenter beginning September 15th and skating through to the 19th ending a week before the Buffalo Sabres begin their pre-season schedule on September 25th on the road versus Washington.

 This year will be entertaining, informative and as always, exciting as there will be six NHL teams participating in the round-robin challenge, and not every team will play each other as Buffalo, Boston, Montreal, New Jersey, Ottawa, and Pittsburgh bring 14 first-round selections from the two previous drafts.

The Schedule:

Tickets go on sale early this month and at 10 dollars they represent a decent Hockey value to watch up-and-coming talent as we had in past Prospect Challenges with Mr. Dahlin, Mr. Thompson, and Mr. Olofsson providing an opportunity to observe the future.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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