Just Enough

Game six in Tampa Bay went the Lightning’s way with a 2-1 effort eliminating the Rangers in a home win propelling Tampa Bay to their third consecutive trip to the Stanley Cup Finals.

The first period was filled with 18 SOG which is the average for the entire game with these two teams and we also saw the #14 magoon punch Mr. Trouba in the head knocking off the helmet but no harm, no foul.

The scoreless period also has ESPN producing a positive Tampa Bay graphic for viewers, Mr. Bogosian for the Lightning looks more solid offensively and Mr. Braun protects the defensive zone well for the Rangers.

In the final five minutes the Rangers hold a 64-36 faceoff percentage advantage and Mr. Shesterkin looks brilliant with a pad save on a Tampa Bay forward Mr. Cirelli.

It appears as if New York has the lightning rods against Tampa Bay as Mr. Shesterkin one minute into the second period makes a beautiful glove/pad stack save to keep the game scoreless.

Then the best check of the series came at 17:27 of the second period when a crushingly clean shoulder-to-shoulder check from Mr. Trouba put Mr. Perry convincingly to the ice.

More physical play ensues as Mr. Bogosian after a little face wash goons it up with a headlock on Mr. Rooney which also became a helmet remover, but astonishingly when penalties are meted out Mr. Bogosian escapes the official’s ire and we are at four on four.

At the 12:23 mark, ESPN produces a negative New York graphic for viewers, and two minutes after that Mr. Hedman has a hissy fit as he ducked almost completely out of the way from a glass and dasher board rattling check.

After all of Mr. Shesterkin’s efforts at the 9:17 mark, Tampa Bay takes a weak shot that unbelievably eludes the goaltender, five minutes later the Rangers penalty killers are once again successful and the period ends with 23 SOG 13 in favor of Tampa Bay.  

In the third period, the Rangers are outhitting and blocking, winning faceoffs are awarded their second power play, but they have to score, which they do eventually to tie the game on their 19th shot and we have a nail-biter.

Fan and Player expressing themselves

But not even 30 seconds later Tampa Bay scores a controversial goal that highlighted goaltender interference but was ruled a clean goal by the officials and so it goes…

The player hits the goaltender’s glove as the puck bounces off the leg of the Tampa Bay player and into the net

Game 1 at eight o’clock in Colorado the 12-2 Avalanche will open up the Stanley Cup Finals at home versus the 12-5 Lightning Wednesday night.

Author: Buffalo Winter


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