Scores Galore in Opening Onslaught

For the second consecutive playoff series opener, Edmonton allows nearly 50 SOG against and gets bombarded in the first opener with nine goals against and then eight goals against in this series opener last night.

Mr. Kane opens the scoring with his NHL playoff leading 13th goal as he accepts a pass just as he skates over the center redline and continues unmolested right down main street to bury the shot past Mr. Kuemper for the one nothing lead five minutes in.

When Colorado scored with approximately 14 seconds left in the first period to take the 3-2 lead, the replay clearly highlights a clean tag-up before the puck is touched in the offensive zone and Edmonton is penalized for the failed challenge.

To begin the second period on their first power-play Colorado scores 32 seconds in but Edmonton comes right back and then before you know it the Avalanche score another one on Mr. Smith who at this point gets a “mercy pulling” according to the announcer.

After the Avalanche builds a 7-3 four-goal lead Mr. McDavid scores the first of the next three Edmonton goals and this barn burner suddenly becomes a tight one-goal game until the very end with just over 20 seconds remaining and a Happy Net goal for the 8-6 Colorado victory.

This game featured the second-highest amount of goals scored in a Conference Final, two backup goaltenders (starters hurt or tired),  broadcasted by TNT utilizing spectacular ice level shots for faceoffs, unfortunately, they also use one of the most loathed referees for an analyst on called penalties.

Disastrously, Colorado’s starting goaltender now has sustained an upper-body injury, and Edmonton’s number one 40-year-old goalie could bounce back strong, game two Thursday night puck drops at eight o’clock in Colorado.

Tonight’s game one of the Eastern Conference finals pitting the Broadway Blueshirts versus the defending two-time Stanley Cup champions in a series where these two teams could not be more evenly matched statistically, so this will come down to heart and determination, Rangers in six.

Author: Buffalo Winter


4 thoughts on “Scores Galore in Opening Onslaught”

    1. I appreciate your comment Woody, thanks,

      The game was considerably entertaining, now I am going to be expecting this, lol

      For tonight’s battle, I am not a tampa fan, I own a Rangers sweater (too warm to wear here along the Lake), and I am curious to see how Mr. Shesterkin does against the Lightnings offensive firepower and will Captain goonkos and the players of his ilk bring their broad street bullies/charlestown chiefs style of play to New York this evening?

      Liked by 1 person

    1. Utilizing people to officiate on ice seems so analog compared with what we can do with today’s technology

      just for offsides and icing alone, we have cameras, lasers, drones, sensors embedded into the ice, equipment, etc. that can efficiently and accurately make the correct call without human judgment

      but do we as fans and NHL professionals want the human element taken out of officiating? would we rather have a crowd of players, a spray of ice, and everyone looking to the on-ice official for the call and then half of us disagreeing with the call/no call, lol

      I see the “new” tag-up rule was enforced, as long as all players leave the offensive zone before a teammate touches the puck, no offsides, who knew?

      I thought Colorado’s third goal was offsides until I looked at all the replays and heard the explanation of the tag-up rule for delayed offsides


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