Bye-Bye Blues

The Colorado Avalanche win the game, the series during the waning moments of the third period versus a determined St. Louis Blues team, and as well as Mr. Husso played Mr. Binnington realistically might not have made much of a difference in this series.

Colorado once again peppered Mr. Husso with an avalanche of SOG while barely surrendering a half a dozen SOG each period to St. Louis, scored on the power play, killed off two penalties, and won most of the faceoffs during a closely fought game.

Colorado has not won a playoff series since 2008 and has not won the Stanley Cup Conference Finals since 2001 so now the Avalanche goes up against the offensive power of the Oilers for the right to appear in the Stanley Cup Finals.

Author: Buffalo Winter


2 thoughts on “Bye-Bye Blues”

  1. The more deserving team won this series. Now I’m conflicted between wanting COL or the Canadian team to win the Western Conference Finals and go onto the Stanley Cup Finals. What do you want, Buffalo Winter and Woody?

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    1. I believe Edmonton will win the series and I am cheering for Mr. Kane and the boys

      Colorado is a strong opponent and it is possible the Avalanche could win as well

      As far as cheering for Canadian teams my heart is with the Leafs, I was pulling for Calgary after the first round and now I am hoping and cheering for some team to beat the bolts


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