Round Two Update

The best of both worlds in playoff Hockey was on display last night as fans witnessed a suffocating one-nothing game that was not won until the last six minutes of play, three of which were in overtime, and a spectacular barn burner tied at six finalizing at 9-6.

New York scored first approximately seven minutes into last night’s matchup versus Carolina that held up until two and a half minutes remaining in regulation, and the Hurricanes played like the Carolina Light Breeze in the first two periods amassing 14 SOG six in the second period.

Carolina wins 2-1 in OT

Clearly Carolina “decided” to play in the third period as they took it to New York limiting the Rangers offensive zone time which resulted in five SOG for New York over the game’s final 20 minutes of regulation and three in overtime.

Calgary wins 9-6

Fans will gripe about not enough goals being scored in NHL games, well you get what you ask for and both teams combine for 15 goals as Calgary torches Edmonton for three goals each period for an impressive nine-goal outburst.

Edmonton did not answer back until down three goals for the period and wow did they ever, as Mr. Kane demolishes Mr. Ritchie along the backboards that allowed Mr. Barrie to make the pass to Mr. McDavid who does what he does best and scores.

Edmonton ties the game at six goals heading into the third period as the choking noose begins to tighten around Calgary’s neckline but the past nightmares of series loss dissipate as the Flames continue scoring to take another two-goal lead and the last score a Happy Net goal.

Author: Buffalo Winter


3 thoughts on “Round Two Update”

  1. Funny enough we turned on the game when it was the last six minutes of play and my daughter was surprised that McDavid couldn’t do more to give Oilers the win after catching up. I said one goal and 3 assists wasn’t too shabby but I get what you mean. I half expected Hyman to get a third for his own hat trick.

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    1. After watching the first game I only made it partly through the first period of the West Coast game before Mr. Sandman hip-checked me into the dasher boards of sleep, I did not know the 9-6 score until this morning, lol

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