Buffalo Invitational

This season Buffalo Winter Hockey was invited to participate in a local NHL playoff fantasy tournament where six seasoned fantasy players recently held their draft.

The 11 positions required to fill:

6 Forwards

3 Defensemen

1 Goaltender (NHL Team name not goalies)

1 extra selection (any position)

The progression of elimination in a playoff fantasy tournament provides the fantasy player a demanding draft with a smaller roster/lineup and no opportunities for player movement making each draft selection of a player/team critical.

The strategies for this type of tournament vary between drafting superstars on a team that probably will not make the Finals or selecting decent to very good players on teams that likely will make the Finals, or going all-in on the team you think will win the Cup.

Author: Buffalo Winter


4 thoughts on “Buffalo Invitational”

  1. Can’t go wrong with Gaudreau and Nylander and the rest round out your team nicely. I see assist points are broken down primary and secondary with different points assigned, interesting. Didn’t Reinhardt play for the Sabres a year or two ago? Anyways, as always, good luck with your team!

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  2. I am hoping Mr. Nylander does well for me like he did in the regular season

    assists are broken down into primary and secondary and I find this interesting as well, I have never been in a playoff tournament before

    yes Mr. Reinhart played for my boys

    thank you and Go Leafs Go

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